Monday, June 4, 2012

Maspeth's hidden eyesore

"The pictures attached are of the staircase located between 65th Place and 64th Street (around the corner from the former O'Neill's).

Every year it seems that we need to call for help to clean up this area, it is dangerous and just a trash dump.

As you can see, there are people who spray paint on private homes and along the staircase. Ever since the construction of a private house next to the co-ops, there have been wood panels and black drape cloth on the fence which hides these people from sight and allows them to trash the area.

I have first hand witnessed this action and it is also where young people go to smoke pot and drink. This is not a safe area and the women and elderly are afraid to use this staircase which is convenient to 65th Place for shopping. We are afraid that the conditions may lead to falls, robbery and possibly worse.

We need to have proper lighting on the staircase so it's not so dangerous.

What bothers us is that the City was just in the area to FORCE us to have our concrete done over and yet they don't care for their own property. There is a private house next to the staircase which has been spray painted and the poor owner has no one to help with this; lately we have also been the victims of tire slashing.

I was born and raised in Maspeth and it saddens me that it has gone down so much.

How can we expect to raise children or not worry about our elderly with conditions like this? Please Help us."

- Maspeth Resident

I'm sure Jimmy Van Bramer and Liz Crowley will get right on this. Oh, wait, it's been a problem the entire time they've been in office and they haven't done jack shit about it. Never mind.


Anonymous said...

How close are you to the train yard - keeping any trustirians awake the the community?

How about 7 line service?

Look, if they can put $50million into that farce Dutch Kills Green the least they can do is help out the rest of their district.

But don't count on it. Kathy Do-nothin is looking for an office in LIC.

And Jimmy No-Brainer? Just ask the sufferin folks of Woodside how good his service is.

Anonymous said...

i live in the area the area is changing due to the neglect of city services i have lived there for over 15 years and i have never seen a patrol car in the area unless they where called for a problem. the stairs have been a problem for years and the local pols have been aware of it for years but they do nothing , the pols are ruining our once nice neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

its about 1.5 miles away

Anonymous said...

the worst part is the 3 family house has been under construction for about 10 years and still not completed

Anonymous said...

Maspeth is far from the 7 line. The 104th
precinct has a very large area to cover and getting around is tough because of several cemeteries. Besides there is more crime going on in Ridgewood then there is in Maspeth.

Maspeth, Elmhurst, Woodside sure have changed for the worse over the years, but you have to admit that Middle Village is still a nice area.

Anonymous said...

then add a precint there is plenty of crome in our area but it is not reported i have made several complaints over the years for tires and other damage to my cars only to go to the 104 to get the report to find out that a report was never made and it was filed as a non need of service, we pay taxes that are the same if not higher then most of the area and all we get is trash pick up . Last sreets to be cleaned , gas leaking from the mains in the whole area , plenty of drugs being sold in the area, and one of the dirtiest unkept park with the worst files in the area .

Anonymous said...

Have u seen some parts of middle village lateley its getting worse also ( i hate to say it)

Joe said...

Holy sh*t as kids we did the same thing there but cleaned up after ourselves, we cleaned everything. The people that lived there at the time actually liked us and felt safe.
Nobody dare come around with a spray can or pee all over the place.
Now it looks like animals from East LA live around those buildings.
BTW the 104 pct has ALWAYS been useless and referred to as "the retirement home” People were using that term as far back as 1971 when we moved from Bushwick.
Those people need to get together with some power washers, gloves, trash bags and clean it up themselves. Then chip in, up some CCD cameras and hire a night watchman.
Yes Ridgewood, Maspeth and MV are turning to shit fast, Bloomberg did it by design.
It unreal how many local pols and police brass put on knee pads everytime he calls.

I’m having problems selling my house on Seneca ave.
As soon as potential buyers with cash get a look at the 2 the local schools (or should I say zoo's)exiting 3PM they run like hell in horror. Decent people especially with kids are opting to rent in Long Island. Whats left is garbage and speculating euro & sputnik slumlords looking to buy on the cheap.
Dam shame!

Joe Moretti said...

I live in Jamaica, Queens and have a huge garbage/trash problem in the area, but I have been constantly documenting the area with photos and a video, sending it to various people at Department of Sanitation (you should probably contact Department of Buildings), send email with photos to your local councilman, assembly members, senator/congressman, Howard Thompson of Help Me Howard, various newspapers, community leaders and your community board. Once I made a video on my problem, WPIX came out twice on separate occasions to do segments on the news, two newspaper reporters came out to do a story with me. Make noise and do not let up, you have to stay on them and I know it is like a part-time job, but it eventually works especially when you get TV stations and newspapers do a story, plus you constantly keep at them. It has been working for me in Jamaica.

You can see some of my videos that have caught the attention of TV and newspapers on You Tube and here on Queens Crap, which is such a great blog for these kind of matters.


Joe Moretti
Jamaica, NY 11432

Ned said...

Department of Sanitation, the cops, city aint gonna do shit.
These people are better off cleaning it up themselved and forgetting about the cops and DOS already !
They will get more co-operation with the drug dealors to keep it clean safe in exchange for "a pass".
People are gonna buy and use drugs anyway, 1/2 the people buying all the pot, Vic's & Coke likley live in them apt buildings.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Crowley's office is useless. She's always running to get in front of a camera but every time I call her office nothing happens.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it could be legaly worded to do like "Lyle" in Blazing Saddles ?
Make up posters like "Thugs & Dealers needed to maintain & secure property" (be careful with the words)
Use big old Wild West fonts with some rats and snake liners notes to Bloomberg, DOT and 104pct. Place the posters up on private property. Then sit back with a cold beer and watch the shit hit the fan.
(My grandfather, uncle and friends actually did something like this and got action in 2 days)

Anonymous said...

Run for your lives, and leave the slum to the slum dwellers. America is full of beautiful towns and communities, its filled with good and decent peole. Sell and leave. Vote with your feet.
You have about as much a chance to get your neighborhoods problems fixed as you do of hitting the Megamillions.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

This area was actually cleaned last week ...

Queens Crapper said...

You call this clean?

Maspeth residents fed up with trash on the stairs

Anonymous said...

whoever commented about the stairs being cleaned is crazy , was just there this morning its a disaster , the sidewalks are all cracked and the stairs also and its still a mess. the local politicians should be disgraced that this in there district but as you can see they can care less . and to think that joe crowley lives nears this area oh my bad thats right he is in virginia

Anonymous said...

whoever commented about the stairs being cleaned is crazy , was just there this morning its a disaster , the sidewalks are all cracked and the stairs also and its still a mess. the local politicians should be disgraced that this in there district but as you can see they can care less . and to think that joe crowley lives nears this area oh my bad thats right he is in virginia


look, unless its the waterfront, or its from the third world or clueless senior center where they can establish their tiresome cred as a tweeder they just don't give a shit.

and why should they - you all act like a bunch of grammer school kids when bozo the clown walks into the room and you can't even think of electing anyone else.

Anonymous said...

The pictures you posted, are pictures of a slum. It is ridiculous that you have to beg for the city to do its job, and beg for years with no results. Leave, I did. Took my 2 year old baby and left that slum.
Traveling through this great nation you will be amazed at the clean and decent neighborhoods you see, and even more amazed at the clean and decent people you meet. Don't waste your time. What decent person would raise a child in that? None that's how many.
I wish you the best of luck my friend, in that place your going to need it.