Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Coming Soon: Another House Too Narrow

The Ridgewood Gardens is a housing development which was built in the 1930s in Maspeth on what is referred to as the Ridgewood Plateau. A step street descends from 65th Place down to 64th Street.

Along this step street is Maspeth's only official landmark - a lamppost that the city forgot to remove back in the day. It's covered in graffiti and there is trash strewn all around it. Isn't it wonderful that the oldest community in Queens has nothing more than a beaten up lamppost as a landmark?

A small sliver of privately owned land is sandwiched between the step street with the lamppost and the Ridgewood Gardens complex. For decades, it sat vacant, but recently submitted plans call for a 3-family house to be built on a 15-foot wide lot. Yes, that's right - the lot is 15 feet wide, so you can imagine how narrow the house will be.
The builder of this property at 64-05 53rd Avenue says that the proposed house will be 3,677 Sq. Ft. City Planning's info for this property is:

Lot Area: 3,326 Sq. Ft.
Lot Frontage: 15'
Lot Depth: 221.75'

This means that they will probably build on property that is not theirs.

Furthermore, this is an R4 zone, and in R4 zones, according to DCP:

"Detached residences are limited to lots with a minimum of 3,800 square feet in area, and a minimum lot width of 40 feet."

So why was this application approved?

Last week, inspectors visited the site and a stop-work order was placed upon the property. We'll see how long that lasts.


Anonymous said...

My money's on them pulling the old "community facility" routine to legalize this one. Actually, why would they even bother? These days you can just continue building and then put the house on the market despite a stop work order. Nothing will happen because the city doesn't care.

hooper said...

I'm not sure I understand the building department froms, but it looks as though the complaint says resolved. I didn't see the red STOP WORK ORDER EXISTS at the top. Does that mean its already lifted?

Queens Crapper said...

Hit the link at the top of that page where it says "BIN" and you will see the red stop work order banner.

Anonymous said...

A house like this is so narrorw, a snake standing up on its end would't have enough room to walk around! But those snakes at DOB think it's fit for habitation! I'm going to build a "tar paper shack" in my backyard! Do you think DOB will give me a permit if I pay someone off? I intend to rent it out as luxury housing so I'll be able to afford my high heating bills in the main house!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm wrong. A buildable city lot has got to be at least 20 feet wide in order to build a row house. You need at least two of these lots.....a 40 foot total property order to build a free standing house! H-m-m-m. A highly suspect situation exists here! Somebody got paid and the community got laid!

Anonymous said...

I know this street. I love walking down those steps. They'll legalize this ?????? by making it a coffee & donut quick stop mart. All they need is a variance. They're easy to get! Or maybe it will become a Scientology booth like the ones in the subway?

Anonymous said...

Hey, if its 'affordable housing' 'affordable housing' 'afforable housing' whats the problem?

Anonymous said...

That house is an eyesore. Ive been living around here for a year and have yet to see people working there. Who knows, maybe the developer has no cash to keep building.

Anonymous said...

Ridgewood Gardens was built in the 1950's. It's purpose was to provide returning Korean veterans affordable housing.

Anonymous said...

When are you going to update this?
Hav you seen it lately???? Construction has resumed! Please give current information on this

Anonymous said...

I have been a resident of maspeth
plateau for many years. In the area new homes have been built, which do not stand out like a sore thumb. This particular construction
may very well bring down the market value of homes in the area.
Whoever allowed this development to occur in all likelyhood does not live in the area and shame shame on them.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to correct that Ridgewood Gardens was built in the 1950's, not 1930's. My family was among the first residents in 1954.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Indeed, it was built in the '50s, not the '30s. And my family was the first one in Building #4 in 1955.