Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Update on "Another House Too Narrow"

On January 31, 2007, QC brought you the story of Another House Too Narrow at 64-05 53rd Avenue in Maspeth that was being built on an irregularly shaped lot wedged into the side of a hill.

After getting his stop work order lifted, the developer got busy. Here is what the site looks like now.

Just so you can see how out of place this thing will be, here are shots of the rest of the block:


Anonymous said...

That is another example of scores of blocks in Queens that are ignored by the Manhattan-centric preservation community - and should be landmarked.

Of course while all 'official' channels in the preservation community ignore the misinformation pumped out by the media and politicians in Queens, it will never happen.

Lets keep the attention (and resources) in Manhattan where it traditionally 'belongs.'

Anonymous said...

What a told pile of sh_t!