Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The ooze under Brooklyn

It's at least 55 acres— an area roughly the size of Tribeca.

1. Health Risks: The subsoil near the water is so saturated with toxins that you can light it on fire.
2. Property Damage: Carcinogenic vapor from the spill may be making its way through the soil and into people's homes.
3. Environmental Damage: Containment booms now capture the ooze that's seeping into the water, but Newton Creek is still too polluted to sustain life.

We're sure the City of New York is kicking itself for not pushing earlier for the cleanup of Newtown Creek:

The Ooze

Think of all that pricey real estate just going to waste!

Illustration by Jason Lee from NY Magazine

Article tip from Curbed


georgetheatheist said...

I wonder if Grandma Shulman will do a soil test under the Iron Triangle.

anonymous said...

>>The subsoil near the water is so saturated with toxins that you can light it on fire."

What does that mean? Toxins per se aren't necessarily flammable. Very sloppy.

By the way, for those who spend most of their life on concrete, most non-polluted healthy "soil" is so "saturated" with organic carbon compounds that it'll burn, too.

Anonymous said...

At this point so much of NYC soil is contaminated that I would never eat anything from someone's backyard garden.

The fruits and vegetables concentrate all that junk.

Anonymous said...

Well, as this property starts to get more and more valuable (can't you see Suna or Avalon Bay look at Newtown Creek say "Monte Carlo West! or Santa Monica East!") the property might be condemned, and like Love Canal, emptied of inhabitants, and then at taxpayer's expense, stripped of the bad soil and made right?

verdi said...

At this point "Grandma Shulman" needs an enema to stimulate her brain activity! Come to think of it, Ms. Marshal could use the same!

verdi said...

Run for your life..... Steve Mc Queen....it's "The Blob" all over again!

Raise the toilet seat and look down before you sit!

Anonymous said...

This ooze is the remains of politicians from the previous century!

Anonymous said...

A little tid-bit from an Edgar Allan Poe story (I forget which one) :

".....And all that was left of Mr. (Valdemeer ?) was an (oozing) pool of liquified putrescence..."!