Friday, June 22, 2007

And now a slightly different approach

Back-to-back rallies by the JPCA:
Join the JPCA and Councilman Tony Avella as they rally against Tommy Huang, overdevelopment and the stalling of the downzoning of Maspeth, Middle Village and Glendale.

Join the JPCA and Councilman Tony Avella as they rally to save St. Saviour's Church, designed in 1847 by Richard Upjohn and founded by pioneers of Maspeth.


Anonymous said...

Do you think Johnny Liu will make a guest star appearance?

Anonymous said...

Hell, how about the press tearing themselves away from the fax machine pouring out all those politicians' press releases and trying to cover something the public is putting together.

We dare you!!

Anonymous said...

You think! If he did, someone might ask him about his relation-ship to the Huangs. That would be the moment to put him on the spot.

Taxpayer said...

This is a great opportunity to speak up and tell the elected officials (who live on our dime) what WE want done.

Please, be there.

Test Rally said...

Everyone, please make note of the elected officials who attend these rallies and the ones who don't. These rallies will show the people of Maspeth and western Queens who are the elected officials who care and who are the ones in the pocket of developers.

Anonymous said...

Gallagher, Katz and Markey won't be there. They all are do-nothing sell outs.