Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Who will become homeless next?

Alicia Colon of the NY Sun puts it bluntly:

Without its poor and working class to keep it humble, New York would never have become the great city it is. They're something city officials need to care about as they continue to tear down their homes.

New York's Housing Plight


Julie said...

She tells it like it is.

Lucio said...

Glad to see that someone still gives a damn.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the NY Sun's editorial writers are proposing to privatize the public housing sector. F'n libertarians.

Anonymous said...

It's already being privatized, just in a different way.

Anonymous said...

No wonder there is a big push to put a bank at Queensboro - it's there to help the tenants become homeowners but more importantly, the first step to give the folks 'a way out' so the houses can be emptied and privatized for the rich.

When the politicians are invovled, there is always the stated motive, then an ulterior motive.