Monday, May 7, 2012

RKO is good to go

From the Times Ledger:

Developers for the RKO Keith’s Theatre in downtown Flushing received clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration this week to build a 16-story mixed-use building around the former movie house’s landmarked lobby.

After the federal agency gave the project the green light in January, a detractor filed paperwork at the 11th hour and put the roughly $160 million project on hold.

But the FAA sent a letter to the detractor, Christian Kellberg, Monday alerting him that his objections have been overruled, which was a relief to developer Patrick Thompson.

The FAA’s approval is valid until Oct. 30, 2013, which means that Thompson must begin construction by then or go through the approval process all over again.


Anonymous said...

Maybe now the truth about those printing contracts will come out?

Jerry Rotondi, Comm. to Save Keith's said...

the RKO Keith's site still remains accessible to intruders.

Its owner, Patrick Thompson
HAS NOT yet made good on his promise to completely seal the premises.

I will not reveal the exact remaining point of entry online, because it might encourage vandals to enter the building.

However, cell phone photos were sent to CB# 7, Senator Stavisky's and Councilman Koo's office about 2 weeks ago confirming the situation.

Both C.M. Koo's and Senator Stavisky's office have taken action.

Yet, last Friday evening at 6:00 PM
that same point of entry was still not secured.

That's over 2 weeks ago Mr. Nussbaum!

What's up and why the delay?

You claim to be "representing" the owner, so please inform Mr. Thompson to secure the premises
once and for all!

I have since forwarded my most recent photographic evidence to both Councilman Koo and Senator Stavisky.

This is a matter of public safety.

Anonymous said...

Is this a case of
demolition by neglect
aided by vandalism?

It seems obvious
that the owner doesn't give a damn.

Anonymous said...

Touche, Mr. Kellberg...
foiled by the FAA.

Uh...there is no theater left to be restored at this point anyway Chris.

And where's your audience
if it could be?

Long gone.

"Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown".

Anonymous said...

The Keith's will sit there for another 5 years.

Clearance from the FAA doesn't mean that the current owner de jour will be able to find any serious investors or even a partner in these difficult economic times.

And it looks like the building
is up for sale again,
according to a recent real estate listing (Newmark).

It seems that Patrick Thompson bit off more than he could doubt at Michael Nussbaum's urging.

Just what was "Nussies"
cut going to be
had the project been completed successfully and on time?

It also appears that Thompson
is just a front man.

He's a light weight among real developers.

If anything ever happens on this site within the next decade, it will most probably be an Asian project.

Anonymous said...

Maybe NYC should use its powers
of eminent domain
where it would do some good for a the RKO Keith's site.

It has become truly a blight.

Maybe a magnet school could be built using the landmark spaces as an entrance....whatever.

Imagination is they key
to the RKO's creative reuse.

But is forward thinking likely to emerge in the dullard's haven of Queens?

Unlike Brooklyn, our spark of creativity seems to have been extinguished.

Anonymous said...

Queens never had any.

This is a bedroom borough where imagination gets thrown out by its Archie Bunkers along with their garbage.

Anonymous said...

Now what does Christian Kellberg
intend to do next?

Anonymous said...


There is Steinway Pianos. All those print shops and manufacturers count for something too, even if they offshore most of their work.

Anonymous said...

People can you see where they want to go!,
This Patrick Thompson impersonating Tommy Huang is waiting for the remains of our beautiful Historical theater to completely disappear so they can get their way, destroying American history and imposing oriental history in this area. What a shame to let this part of our history die.
I can't see how this modern building is going to assimilate the character of the area, especially around such a monument like the RKO THEATER.
Is just what they are doing with the rest of flushing if you have not noticed, all our beautiful American colonial homes are going, why are our people giving up so easy
And letting them take over. No money in the world is worthy to allow this to happen in our neighborhoods.
Where are Americans going? you hardly see any around here! Is like you are in another country...

Anonymous said...

It absolutely wasn't any movie, I could view it happening.

I possibly could see them cry.