Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cleaning up illegal signs

From Bayside Patch:

With election season in full swing, Council Member Mark Weprin D-Oakland Gardens, is tackling one of the more cosmetic blights of dirty campaining: illegal signs.

Wepin wants to triple the current fines for posting signs illegally on public property. His office says they can be distracting to drivers and strain City resources to remove.

“The number of illegal signs is multiplying, and we must increase both fines and enforcement to discourage this pattern from continuing,” said Weprin.

It is currently illegal to post stickers, advertisements or fliers on telephone poles, lamposts or other public property.


Anonymous said...

the weprin boys must not be running for political office any longer.

Anonymous said...

Enforcment is the key. If you don't enforce the laws what difference does the fine make.

Anonymous said...

I've heard the fines for this are somewhere in the vicinity of $50/illegal sign. Tripling this is not enough. The city should turn this into a (temporary) moneymaker. Make it $2,000/illegal sign and these things will disappear in a heartbeat.

And let's be clear here. The kinds of entities that are the real problem are not the lost dog/lost cat postings or occasional notices about local yard sales. (I actually have no problem with these - the people who put them up typically live nearby, so they get a pass.)

The true pigs responsible for the lion's share of illegal visual garbage are highly organized, well-coordinated bands of deliberate lawbreakers who have absolutely no connection whatsoever to the neighborhoods they litter with their shady propositions of buying diabetic test strips and the like.

Also, don't believe for one second that any legitimate nonprofit organization would risk losing its 501c3 status by doing something illegal like this.

Donate your car? The money goes toward helping children? Baloney! It ends up in the pockets of some creep who runs a chop shop. Find a real charity by doing some research.

Make the pigs pay!

$2,000/illegal sign - minimum!

Anonymous said...

Has John Liu paid his fines yet
for his illegal sign posting?

Anonymous said...

look for the large NEW signs at Clearview Exp. service road /26th Ave. directing motorists to "BELL POOL AND RECREATION "

Anonymous said...

Has the comedy club featured on this site paid their fines or were they dismissed?