Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another firehouse proposed for landmarking

From the Forum:

The building that houses New York’s bravest in Forest Hills could be added to the list of New York City landmarks if it gets the approval of a city agency and the City Council.

Engine 305, a firehouse on Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills, has been nominated for landmark status by the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC).
The facility was built between 1922 and 1924, and was intended to serve the population boom of that neighborhood during that time. It had an increase in residential construction after World War I ended.

The building is a two-story Neo-Medieval-style firehouse that is made out of red bricks. The size and design of the facility is thought to be unique for a New York City firehouse, but it was built to fit the structure of nearby communities in the area. John Sliney is credited with designing the building. During his tenure as head building inspector of the Fire Department, he designed about 70 firehouses throughout New York City.


Anonymous said...

This is good news. But will the city be able to maintain it
They cant even fill a pot hole correctly.

Anonymous said...

Good news?

that has achieved landmark status
can have that status revearsed
at NYC's option at any time
if need be.

Go and read the landmark law
for yourselves.

This is just
another token designation...
another bone being tossed to a landmark bereft borough.

Regarding maintenance:
The FDNY has an excellent track record in maintaining its firehouse.

Anonymous said...

Our distinguished Queens preservation leadership did a great job (not) on selecting the locations for that Partners in Preservation competition.

Its not the people in Queens don't care - its just that they are poorly led.

Anonymous said...

Queensites are easily led,
just like the sheep that they are.

That's the real problem.

And it's they who stupidly elect their bad leaders.

You can't win
with a borough of dummies.