Friday, May 25, 2012

Michael Gianaris, actor

From Capital Tonight:

Here’s the video that served as Sen. Mike Gianaris’ response at last night’s LCA show, in which he and his fellow reform-minded Democrats poked fun at their quixotic quest for an independent redistricting process.

The seven-minute spoof opens with Gianaris, who has been pushing for an overhaul of the state’s political line-drawing system since he was in the Assembly, brainstorming with Sens. Kevin Parker and Liz Krueger about how to make Gov. Andrew Cuomo stick to his pledge to veto the Senate GOP’s gerrymandered plan.

At his colleagues’ urging, Gianaris places a personal call to the governor’s office, only to be hung up on by a secretary.

He plays through, however, pretending for his fellow senators’ sake to to give the governor a piece of his mind while in reality, the dial tone is echoing loudly in his ear.


Adam said...

He really called Evan Stavisky

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike don't worry just make sure your boyfriends get there consulting checks.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 2:

First of all, it's "their," not "there."

Secondly: You know about his "Boyfriends" from first-hand experience or seconf-hand gossip?