Friday, May 18, 2012

A gem of an editorial, part 2

From the Queens Chronicle:

Last week my son took copies of the Chronicle to his second-grade class for a project he had. If my newspaper ran adult services ads, I would be embarrassed for him to bring it to school. I would be ashamed to show his teachers and classmates what I do for a living. Does the management of the Tribune feel any shame?

Some have said that the Queens Chronicle must be supporting Lancman or Halloran and that our coverage has been “biased.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Grace came into the Chronicle offices last Friday for an interview, as we are planning to have with all of the major candidates in the race. Readers can view the story about her interview in this edition or at She is certainly qualified to represent our great borough. We may or may not endorse in this race. The decision will be made after all the candidates are interviewed.

“Not 4 Publication,” is the title of Schenkler’s column every week. I humbly suggest that it is the “adult services” ads in the classified section that are really “not for publication” in a community newspaper.

In closing, I hope that Schenkler will invoke the last word of his headline — “Leadership” — by taking a stand for women in Queens and ending the running of these despicable ads.


John from Conn said...
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Anonymous said...

The Tribune is overt in what it publishes, I don't like to be told what I should do thus I don't read it - it's political trash. The girly stuff is how he make big $$ and will never drop those ads. In fact he features or encourages nice young woman as "models" which come off like Playboy spread models they aspire to. There are other publications categories that the publisher could publish this stuff instead.

Anonymous said...

The 3 caballeros
(Ackerman, Schenckler & Nussbaum) will never toss the Trib's sex ads.

They're big money makers
for that slimy trio.

Could it be that these sleazebags' moneymaking was tied to Taiwan from the day that Tommy Huang first stepped into Flushing?

What ever happened to (wasn't it?) Nussbaum's attempt to open Playboy type clubs in China under (wasn't it?) Shanghai Nights Ltd.?

Anonymous said...

Could "the boys" at the Trib
have been silent partners
in "Screw Magazine" back in the
good 'ol days of the 70s?


Goldstein, Ackerman, Schenkler and Nussbaum.

That sounds like a Jewish law firm, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Both "Nussie" and "The Shenck" probably get favors from
the girls for discounting their
rub joints ads.

How else are
these gross pigs gonna get laid?

Oops, sorry...
I forgot Gary Hackerman.

Well, he's been f-----g his constituents for such a long time that his schmuck fell off.

Enough said there.

Joe said...

2 guys on Myrtle & Onderdonk (where McCrorys was) were selectively handing out color flyers for this stuff (and pawn shops) in Ridgewood..
Some variants of them had almost naked woman on them. Bold letters read "Chicas"
I was handed a "Asian girls" one in English. This has become something new on Myrtle

Anonymous said...

Grace Meng
had better drop Multi Media
if she wants the female vote!

And cut the crap honey...
you're not just using them
for printing!

Anonymous said...

Huh? Don't feminists extol the rights of these woman (and other "sex workers") to sell their bodies? Can't have it both ways, folks. Either its legal or it's illegal. Make a decision, then move on.

John from Conn said...

Forget politics...this is a man of class! What a wonderful response to the Schenkler/Meng/Nussbaum/Jawin ring of hypocrisy. This is any "real person's take" instead of the Lib Civil Right's Attorney/War Room Brain Trust's strategic advice on how best to take this to the streets and angle yourself for a primary election...Mark is sooo correct!! Hiding behind the 1st amendment is bottom of the barrel sleazy. This is not a 1st amendment issue, because technically Schenkler is correct. This is a "Free Enterprise Issue." Vote NOW!!! START wiping your butt this second with the Tribune and start doing business with the CHRONICLE!!!!

FULL TEXT of MARK's Response


Ohhhhh, Ms Meng. We impressionable youth admire your career soooo much. We want to be just like you when we grow up.

In the meantime could you please tell us where you store your campaign posters and fliers until you need them?

Some of our friends think you keep them in Mr. Nussbaum's garage. We, however, think you pile everything on your kitchen table.

Thank you Ms Meng for considering our question.

georgetheatheist said...

Mark Weidler writes:

"Last week my son took copies of the Chronicle to his second-grade class for a project he had. If my newspaper ran adult services ads, I would be embarrased for him to bring it to school. I would be ashamed to show his teachers and classmates what I do for a living. Does the management of the Tribune feel any shame?"

Indeed, does anyone connected with the Tribune feel shame? Perhaps that's why Michael Schenkler's wife, Lillian Prosaw Schenkler, appears in public wearing sunglasses? Maybe she doesn't want to be recognized for being married to a person who participates in the degradation to women? A guilty conscience perhaps?

She does however take the sun glasses off in her and her husband's in-private photos seen here on their Facebook pages. Look at her images very carefully because I am going to ask you a question based on your observation.

Now esteemed astute readers of the Queens Crap blogsite, I want to point something very strange on the cover of last week's Tribune, the Mother's Day edition. There appear on the cover 36 women who represent "Mom". The 3rd woman from the right on the top row is the only one depicted with lighter printing on it. Check her out here.

Is this woman Lillian Prosaw Schenkler, Michael Schenkler's wife, or not?

This aforementioned woman is also closely positioned on that cover to the Tribune's weekly Q Confidential model who seems to be portraying a bloody battered woman. Check that out here.

Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

The Queens Tribune is run by psychologically sick individuals.