Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ackerman chooses Meng - for financial gain?

From the NY Times:

Representative Gary L. Ackerman, who unexpectedly announced in March that he would not seek re-election to Congress, is venturing into the primary contest to succeed him, backing the candidate he says best embodies his values: Assemblywoman Grace Meng.

Mr. Ackerman’s decision, to be announced Tuesday morning at the Pomonok Senior Center in Flushing, Queens, was hardly assured, given his reputation as an eccentric politician not known for regularly making endorsements. And while some political analysts assumed that Mr. Ackerman favored Ms. Meng, the choice of Representative Joseph Crowley and the Queens Democratic establishment, his pledge to campaign vigorously on her behalf could help sway constituents who have supported him during his nearly 30-year career.

Mr. Ackerman, in an interview, praised Ms. Meng’s chief competitors in the June 26 primary, Assemblyman Rory I. Lancman and City Councilwoman Elizabeth S. Crowley. Indeed, Mr. Ackerman said that all three were “philosophically close to the same place” on key issues like Israel and economic advocacy for the middle class.

But in what could be viewed as critiques of Mr. Lancman, an aggressive legislator who once mulled challenging Mr. Ackerman, and Ms. Crowley, whose candidacy has soured her relationship with her cousin, Congressman Crowley, Mr. Ackerman, 69, said that Ms. Meng’s self-effacing style and background as a fellow child of immigrants had won him over.

From City and State:

In a much-hyped press conference yesterday in Queens, veteran Congressman Gary Ackerman endorsed Assemblywoman Grace Meng to be his successor in Washington, D.C. – but did not bring up the fact that he has a financial interest in Meng’s campaign.

In a sometimes heated interview after the event, Ackerman did confirm that he is a part-owner of the Queens-based political consulting and printing firm Multi-Media, which is serving as the primary consultant to Meng’s well-funded congressional campaign.

Ackerman told City & State repeatedly that the financial relationship with Meng’s campaign had no role in the endorsement, which was described by the New York Times as “hardly assured” because of Ackerman’s reputation as an eccentric who does not usually back candidates.

“Did it affect my endorsement? No,” Ackerman said, acknowledging that he was aware of Meng’s business relationship with the consulting firm he co-owns before making his endorsement decision. “[Multi-Media] doesn’t run my life and I don’t run their business.”


Anonymous said...

Maybe Ackerman will be receiving some additional retirement benefits (from Taiwan?) by supporting Meng.

Perhaps by endorsing Meng...
that Oriental pipeline of campaign contributions to the party machine will continue to flow unimpeded.

wait a moment folks...
Gary once supported another Asiatic candidate...Kevin Kim...
and that went bust.

I surmise that Taiwan demanded
the exiting congressman's support of their little puff dumpling, Grace...lest they out him
for his past corruption.

Remember folks,
Gary took a trip to Taiwan about 25+ years ago.

I doubt that it was to play golf.

Didn't he accompany Tommy Huang
who sponsored an illegal fundraiser
for him?

Stay tuned folks (and you FBI followers of Queens Crap)
for some more good tips.

You might bag yourselves
a nice bloated ex-congressman yet.

Then he can reside in the same
cell block as the John Liu gang.

Anonymous said...

Gary threw Rory under the bus in March, but Rory got up on his feet. Rory defeated Gottlieb and continues to score momentum in the press and among civic groups.

So now Gary has decided to throw the bus into reverse and hit Rory again. Very classy way to retire.

Anonymous said...

"Grace, a Democrat for Congress",
must have paid Multi Media a bundle to get Ackerman's endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Very likely...but Gary's no fool.

He's already got his money up front...
knowing full well that Meng's victory is far from guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ackerman said that all three were “philosophically close to the same place” on key issues like Israel and economic advocacy for the middle class.

Hmmmm three politicians that support the terrorist state of Israel?

NEVER forget the USS Liberty, NEVER forget Johnathan Pollard and NEVER forget the THREE BILLION dollars these rat-like dirt bag politicians give to Israel.

When you go to vote, keep this in mind.

Anonymous said...

Of course it's for financial gain.

Gary Hackerman never does anything that doesn't fill his pockets with gold.

Remember all of the money that "vanished" from that Queens College student organization while Gary was its treasurer?

If Meng gains his seat, the Oriental treachery goes on...
and, in fact, it moves up a notch.

This time it will be supervised by one of their own kind and not through a "White" Jewish surrogate.

It passes from Cauc-Asian
to direct Asian control.

Now let's hear a word or two
from the Meng-Ackerman-Q Trib trolls.

Anonymous said...

What is Grace saying to Gary?

"You're confusing me
with council member Liz Crowley.

I can't deliver
that kind of good bye,
even for old time's sake.

But I can guarantee you
additional retirement perks.

That's not a real woody anyway.
It's just an old man's chop stick trick".

Anonymous said...

We don't even have to guess what this shill is all about. Too bad Queens voters were so easily snowed all these years, but then what did they have as an alternative. He may be surprised at Lancemen's strength and ability to capture his old Congressional seat. Cant he loose that rediculous carnation?

georgetheatheist said...

Who dresses Meng? The House of Toby Stavisky? Mrs. Mao Tse-Tung Couture? What zhlubby outfits she does wear. And for a young woman too.

Anonymous said...

A little Quid Pro Quo. Ackerman endorses Grace and she refers him some Asian girls who'll advertise their wares in the back of his family newspaper, The Queens Tribune.

Anonymous said...

The house of Claire Shulman dresses Meng.

georgetheatheist said...

Hey Grace. How's business with getting classified-ad pimp and prostitute certified licensing going up there in Albany? You know the one that Schenkler in his editorial in the Tribune was mouthing off about two weeks ago? The one you promised to legislatively work on? Hmnnn?

Anonymous said...

What crap.........these current pols make Donald Mannes look good........

Anonymous said...

A lot of these scumbags
were Donald Manes' cronies.

Michael Nussbaum was dubbed Manes' "bag man" by the media.

Then there's Ackerman, Schenckler, Shulman, the Stavisky dynasty who were "The Donald's" contemporaries.

Did I leave anyone else out?

The remnants of the old Manes crew are still with us.

Not until Ackerman finally takes his dirt nap will we be rid of his measure of treachery.

For good measure...I'd hire Van Helsing to put a stake through his heart to be sure. for Shulman too.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Meng's latest mailer?

Apparently she's for
keeping jobs here.

That's why we've exported them to China.

C'mon Gracie...tell us another lie.