Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quinn apparently has a lot to hide

From NY1:

NY1 received Council Speaker Christine Quinn's schedules through a Freedom of Information Law request.

More than 600 hours were blacked out. Hours council officials say include events that if disclosed would be an unwarranted invasion of the speaker's personal privacy.

They could be instances when she goes to spinning class in TriBeCa. They could also be certain instructions to staff or interagency deliberations that aren't finalized.

"It seems that there might have been names, names of staff members for example, public employees, other people that Ms. Quinn might have met that did involve the performance of her duties," said Robert Freeman of the State Committee on Open Government. "It would be difficult to understand why those names would be redacted."

The schedules do reveal that Quinn has met with at least four campaign fundraisers during the work week. Half were in the council's offices.


Anonymous said...

Something doesn't seem kosher...

Anonymous said...

600 hours of personal time ? She needs more, vote Quinn out of office altogether.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many hours
did she spend touring Bloomberg's Bermuda compound?

I wonder if she let hizzoner pork her
in the interests of career advancement, of course.