Friday, May 25, 2012

Forest Park carousel reopens tomorrow

From the Daily News:

The Forest Park Carousel, a turn-of-the-century treasure shuttered since 2008, is ready for a whole new generation of riders.

The historic amusement opens its doors to the public on Saturday and the new operators are hoping crowds will come to savor old memories and make some new ones.

The carousel, crafted by master carver Daniel Carl Muller, was first brought to Forest Park in the 1970s to replace one that burned down in 1966.

In 1989, it underwent a meticulous restoration but has languished while under the care of previous concessionaires, who griped it generated little revenue.

In the few weeks since the Parks Department gave NY Carousel the nod to operate the site, the improvements are noticeable.

The wood floors has been buffed and a new coat of paint has brightened up the carousel’s interior. Light bulbs were replaced and a new safety gate gives visitors a closer and better view of the galloping animals.


Anonymous said...

HI-HO SILVER....AWAY....for the youth on this site ,that was the LONE RANGER'S sign off in the movie series. long before tv.....

Anonymous said...

Hip hip, hooray!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jeff Gottlieb
will hop on for a ride.

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for private enterprise where would this city be? The city cant even fill a pot hole correctly.Thank you NY Carousel.

Anonymous said...

Now the local "posses" from Franklin K. Lane will have someplace new to go "wilding" when they cut school on a daily basis.