Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Astoria's new crime fighting program

From DNA Info:

Astoria is armed with dozens of newly trained block-watch experts ready to rein in the neighborhood's 5 percent uptick in major crime.

The neighborhood watch — the first of its kind in Astoria in more than 25 years — is set to become "extra eyes and ears for police officers," officials said.

It's the brainchild of Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., who posted the idea on Facebook and other sites in November and organized the first training session last week.

Last week, volunteers were given block-watcher IDs, trained how to detect suspicious behavior and activity — and instructed how to give useful specifics when they call 311 or 911. Local officials said they hope the program will soon expand beyond 30 volunteers.

Major crime in the 114th Precinct is up about 5 percent this year through May 20, according to NYPD statistics.


Joe said...

A fellow named Kerzner and "Dutchboy" Neumann some Citizens band radio people put something like this together in Ridgewood on back in 1975.
I remember this because I was a local Channel 13 base at the time. I helped install some of radios and antennas on the cars.

The cops and boss hog at the 104 pct simply ignored them despite the hot air and support they gave at meetings.
One late afternoon 2 patrol guys simply looked at a dust head around the Carbines (Dekalb & Onderdonk at the time) Next thing you know he flips out and 2 more paranoid dust heads (angel dust/PCP addicts) come darting out from inside the bleachers, pull the driver out and proceeded to flip the car over with there bare hands.

Some of these patrol members can be real knucklehead duh-di-duhs at large with no training and no weapons to defend themselves. Wherever a civilian patrol is needed it a sure bet the cops aren't gonna be around whenever the shit hits the fan.

Civilian Patrols don't work IMO. All the bad guys know civilian's in NYC are un-armed and easy targets to have "some fun" with.
The Governor needs to allow lawful citizens to have guns and put the teeth back into New York's castle doctrine laws. Restoring in all the "teeth" his dad took out WILL cut violent crime, home invasions and death of innocent people.
New York's current castle doctrine law is totally useless crooks dream.
It requires the victim of attack or home invasion to "retreat first" even if they are under attack in there own home, car, hallway or elevator.
Use of deadly force against non deadly force is also illegal.
---It makes no sense, its insane.

Anonymous said...

Leave the outside lights on,dusk to dawn,the criminals are opportunists and love the dark...........

Roger said...

Are these block-watch "experts" able to call the 114th Precinct and get a patrol car to respond? Because I can't.

Anonymous said...

That kind of "Block Watching"
program has been around for years.

Don Pietro "Junior" Vallone never
had an original idea in his life.

He's just hamming to the press to gain re-election.

Anonymous said...

now I wonder...
which particular 3rd world group
brought the increase in crime to Astoria?

Anonymous said...


Those cops dressed in blue
(sans 9mm Glocks) that make up the Auxiliary Police force are one step up from block watchers, but not much more.

Joe is right on this point.
Perps are not afraid of unarmed peacekeepers!

Anonymous said...

Someone is cozying up to Vallone, eh Crappy?

Anonymous said...

Crime has always been an all but ignored problem if you go on local Astoria blogs.

But since hand picked successor Tony Maloni runs an anti-crime program, Vallone wants to give him a boost - aided by stuff like Crappy's posting.

Eastern Queens should note Crappy's position when Vallone's brother runs again.

Queens Crapper said...

Yes, I plan to endorse his candidacy for a 4th term. And if that doesn't work out, we'll open a hot dog stand on Ditmars.

Anonymous said...

Firearms in the home can wind up
being a most dangerous proposition.

Handling and safeguarding weapons requires extreme care and maturity.

Any who has served in the military
knows that you first seek to establish and defend a perimeter.

Your home perimeter might include:
Strong locks; good window security; well lit grounds; a really good alarm system (with panic pendant); a nervous dog that barks at any strange noise.

Most thugs will bypass
these kind of protected premises.

Crooks are essentially lazy and look for the easy or easier score.

Now on the street,
it's an entirely different situation.

Queens Crapper said...

And we'll dust off the old man and make him executive director of GAHS.

Anonymous said...

There's that Ass-torian accusing "Crappy" of "cozying" up to Vallone again.

His paranoid genes always get the best of what little sense of reality
he's got left.

"Down by the old mill stones
where I first met you".

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the Greater Astoria Hysterical Society, Crappy?

Didn't they once mount an exhibit paying tribute to the "historic" Vallone family?

They didn't get much funding
despite the ass kissing.

Anonymous said...

Could the ghost of Edward Hart
be posting here?

Anonymous said...

When is the 111th Precinct going to set up civilian patrols to stop wife beating in Hollis Hills? wink wink

Anonymous said...

I suppose if it will work anywhere it will work in Astoria, but only because of the Vallone family backing. However the cops will never cooperate under any circumstances and the blockwatchers will be putting themselve in harms way in more ways than one. Good luck though!

Anonymous said...

The only way to clean up the 114 by way of the NYPD is to hire back all the great cops and bosses who worked there prior to the Bloomberg /Kelly reign of terror, and to get rid of all the disastrous policies that were put in place inthe last ten years by this current regime. The 114 and the NYPD are both a sad shadow of what they used to be. Kelly wanted a mindless robot patrol drone force, and he certainly got it.

Queens Crapper said...

What wifebeating is going on in Hollis Hills?

Joe said...

Quote "a dog that barks at any strange noise"

Id rather put an arrow through the dog and let the crooks in.
Nothing worse in then an annoying nasty barking dog or "dogs" next door 24-7.

To Anonymous anti 2nd amendment pinko :
For your information arming citizens works. For example up in Northern Michigan (Ted Nugent country) everybody has guns & pistols including every kid over 7+ year's of age. They are trained to shoot, use and respect firearms.
There is little crime, not one home invasion to date and nobody’s gotten accidentally shot.
All this dispite 1 police officer for every 200 square miles
The crooks, skels, bandiito Mestizo's and Detroit gangs are scaired to death to go up there. When the scumbags know what will happen to them they dont come around.

Annoying Dogs & bright lights going all night long is crap quality of life and not the answer. Train and arm every clean citizen who wishes to use his or her 2nd amendment right (our democrats keep shiiting on) and the scumbags will go someplace else to commit crime. Right now NYCs laws are a magnet for scumbags from other states and countrys.
Its as if to shout out "Come and get it crooks easy free pickins"

The cops dont want a GP with firearms because when a citizen takes out a criminal the cops and pols cant just turn there heads and say there was no crime. They would actually have to a show up and do a complicated criminal investigation, possible court dates and that means WORK and expenses for the city.

georgetheatheist said...

Joe: You hit the nail on the head. Squarely. Every time. The nail quivers and then rings as it's driven into the wood.

Anonymous said...

Michigan ain't exactly NYC,
and your "research" numbers don't ring true here, Guiseppe.

Should everybody in the big apple
become his own lawman?

That certainly sounds like
a "sound minded" solution.


Shots, fired in the night from a hastily awakened "clean" citizen.

Do they hit the perp in the torso...
or merely pass through his leg... and kill your next door neighbor's kid?

For that matter,
how many nervous "Glock-around-the clock" cops have shot innocent bystanders by accident?

Do you know what your insurance rates will rise to if you possess a firearm?

Think it through before you go off (snicker, snicker) half cocked.

Anonymous said...

Most of those school massacres in the "white-bread" mid west occurred because the perps' dads didn't have enough smarts to properly safeguard their weapons.

NRA....all the way to death!

Oh (yawn) but what rootin' tootin' cowboy wants to hear that kind of shit?

Anonymous said...

Joe's a real killa...
and an ASSet to the rest of the civilized world.

Joe said...

Dont tell me about insurence rates, Im self employed since age 20 never took a handout.
Nice gift in the mail today.
My health insurence just went from $600 a month to $1280 a month thanks to Obama and his socialist dems !
$15K year for a single male just to pay for this social bullshit robbery.

Anonymous said...

It also doesn't help that New Yorkers or whatever transplants you might be next to at the time, won't lift a finger to help someone in need.

Let crooks know what if you attack a person, 5 more might attack you would be a decent start.

Anonymous said...

Joe, stop jerkin' our chains.

Are we've admitted to living in Mattatuck...
which ain't NYC...far from it?

Keep yer pistola handy
out there...but if you insist on shooting off yur mouth about city matters...hope yuv gotta license, fella.

I was employed at 14 years of age.
Did I pin a medal on my chest?

So get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

Duh...thanks to
"Obama and his socialist Dems"...
an insurance company can't bounce you for having a pre-existing medical condition.

Listen up fella and learn something.

God gave us two ears but only
one mouth.

Why is that?

Because we're supposed to listen
twice as much as we speak.

Joe said...

I dont live in Mattatuck... just own house house I rent out during summer. (I do come out once in a wile for property work I DO ALL MYSELF. I have a room/office in the barn loft)
I live in both Ridgewood and Manhasset asshat.

I rather kill myself then live in Mattituck, to boring !