Friday, May 11, 2012

NPS approves outdoor studio

From the NY Post:

The National Parks Service yesterday approved construction plans for the city’s first outdoor movie lot at Astoria-Kaufman Studios in Queens.

Federal red tape threatened to delay the $2 million project that is expected to open by the summer of 2013 and will help attract even more film projects to the city.

“We finally say ‘Action!’ ” said Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who had urged the agency to act.

“With the National Parks Service sign-off, the project can move forward on schedule and begin competing for major productions with places like Los Angeles and Toronto.”

The studio, which was turned over to the city decades ago, is also a national historic site.


Anonymous said...

What a waste of money.

The movie industry used to do outdoor movies in Ft Lee NJ when they started out. They moved to California for the weather. Hard to produce outdoor movies in January in NJ (or Queens).

But we all know up-Chuck never let facts get in his way.

Joe said...

Yes ‘Action" for the local IATSE mobster thuggs, caterers from Manhattan, actors from California.
Then whats left ?
90% of people that get the $$ curtain's calls for acting, directing and writing are flaming liberal Democrats. The rest who aren't god help them
Its an unwritten rule.
Just like all the shit that's gone on at "the Peacock" that's lost its feathers.
I was around that cesspool of "fire Island queers" cut-throats and transplants from everyplace but New York for 5 years and hated every second of it to pay off a house for my parents.
Many friends and I heard plenty hiding behind sets, office and meeting room doors. DISCRIMINATION of the white straight conservative male is worse then Hollywood in the New York City entertainment industry.
Chuck, Bloomberg and Obama's people schmoozed these people for media favors they will desperately need in November. Pure Payola.

I feel sorry for those people living all around that studio when semi's full of sets built in Mexico and Delaware rumble past there houses all summer nigh long till 6AM.
Chuck has some balls feeding people this crock of sh*t wile telling em its'a gourmet meal.

99% ? said...

Chuck has some balls feeding people this crock of sh*t wile telling em its'a gourmet meal.
That is the way things are in this part of our fair city - the pols want as little to do with the local save photo ops with seniors and kids while they spend their time on community affairs bringing in new development and upper middle class white kids.

They tell Archie n Edith on what a great deal they have while systematically packing the community boards with the 'right people' and denying meetings when the locals see the writing on the wall (or a hotel wall a few feet way from their house.)

This area is perfect for the Occupy folks for the area needs real change here.