Thursday, May 17, 2012

City public schools highly segregated

From the NY Times:

In the broad resegregation of the nation’s schools that has transpired over recent decades, New York’s public-school system looms as one of the most segregated. While the city’s public-school population looks diverse — 40.3 percent Hispanic, 32 percent black, 14.9 percent white and 13.7 percent Asian — many of its schools are nothing of the sort.

About 650 of the nearly 1,700 schools in the system have populations that are 70 percent a single race, a New York Times analysis of schools data for the 2009-10 school year found; more than half the city’s schools are at least 90 percent black and Hispanic. Explore Charter is one of them: of the school’s 502 students from kindergarten through eighth grade this school year, 92.7 percent are black, 5.7 percent are Hispanic, and a scattering are of mixed race. None are white or Asian. There is a good deal of cultural diversity, with students, for instance, of Haitian, Guyanese and Nigerian heritage. But not of class. Nearly 80 percent of the students qualify for subsidized lunch, a mark of poverty. The school’s makeup is in line with charter schools nationally, which are over all less integrated than traditional public schools.


Anonymous said...

This charter school according to the NY Times link has no resources :few computers.No playground. No athletics. Worst of all, the staff is inexperienced. They are young and there is lots of turnover. There has been a parade of principals.

Yet , this article suggests the real problem is a lack of integration ?
Much more troubling problems are laid bare in the article, yet the article ignores them

The rules of English grammar are no different in an integrated school. How to balance a chemical equation is no different in an integrated school. Algebra is no different in an integrated school.

It is not that integration is unimportant, as many factors contribute to success in school and beyond. But these children are not getting the basics. There are much bigger problems here than the" white kids at yeshiva and private schools, who are not adding some cream to the coffee here".

First and foremost these children need a stable, experienced faculty, not some "diversity".

search: "The Busing Cover-Up" by Dr. Ralph Childs. (He had to use Edward P.Langerton in 1975, because he would have been fired by the Chicago Bd. of Educ. for writing about this U.S. forced integration planning ,that turned into a colossal national failure and waste of taxpayers money.
this failed progressive experiment is now UNCONSTITUTIONAL .

Anonymous said...

Let's start in Maspeth where 3 highschools in 1 building is almost completed and ready to go by actually allowing local residents to send their kid to this new school - this way there will be some whites and other non-white kids other than Hispanics shipped in from Corona to our neighborhoods. Desegregation is not a solution to a badly performing school - it the administration of the school - Principals etc that make bad choices in hiring incompetent teachers. Having a mixed student body would be nice everywhere I agree but does not have any thing to do with making a school better. In fact kids that get bussed to attend a school is not very conductive to making school enjoyable. Liberals for the most part send their kids to private schools anyhow!

Anonymous said...

Wow! It only took the resident geniuses to the year 2012 to figure this out. "Segregation" is based on where one lives, which is usually based on income. Do the math. No charge for this.

Anonymous said...

Two words: "Parental choice"

Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Kids spending over an hour on the bus is not an answer and the city could save millions if kids went to their local schools. The real problem here is parents who send their kids to school for teachers to raise them!

Anonymous said...

I was one of about a dozen white kids in my high school when i graduated in 1997 (school of close to 5,000 students).

being the minority didn't stop me from being at the top of my graduating class.

No more excuses.

Anonymous said...

Bussing kids should be a parental choice not forced. Kid who live locally should be able to have preference to attend the nearest school to their home.

Anonymous said...

the progressives, that your neighbors vote for do not agree with you.

their motto is "do as i say, not what i do". keep paying your taxes and we will spend it to remove your LIBERTY.