Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crowley caught cheating at debate

From the Daily News:

Congressional contender Elizabeth Crowley seemed overly preoccupied with her cell phone during a recent Queens candidate debate, prompting at least one member of the audience to question whether the Councilwoman was getting answers via the mobile from her staff in the audience.

Crowley can be seen checking her cell phone nearly 20 times during the Kissena Park Civic Association debate last Thursday, according to a video link provide the Daily News and posted on YouTube.

Crowley is busy typing and reading her cell as the other hopefuls for the re-drawn 6th Congressional District in Queens grappled with debate questions.

"At first, I thought she was Googling answers or something, but she kept looking at her people in the audience, so I think she was getting answers and information," said a civic leader who also filmed the debate.

"At the very least, it was amazingly rude, and stupid not to give your full focus to the debate," said the videographer, who has not officially endorsed any candidate but did applaud Assemblyman Rory Lancman's proposed bills tackling community overdevelopment.

"If I saw Lancman do this, I would call him out, or any of the other candidates.," he said. "A congressional seat is too important to have someone seemingly getting fed answers."

Crowley's spokesman said such allegations were absurd, and untrue.

"She was using her phone to take notes on the questions," said spokesman Eric Yun. "Other candidates had pen and paper, but she was taking notes on her phone."

Why would she need to take notes if her communications director/spokesman was in the audience? Wouldn't he be doing that for her?


Anonymous said...

It seems odd and if I were in the audience, I would be miffed that she was bored otherwise - but cheating by being feed info to answer or anticipate giving one is just sad that she is a candidate at all.

Anonymous said...

Maybe her uncle "Virginia" Joe Crowley was texting her the right answers.

Either that or she was playing a vintage game of "Pac Man" on her cell phone.

She couldn't handle anything more complicated than that.

Anonymous said...

Liz just got some
major union endorsement.

She must have done a lot of guys
at Brian Mc laughlin's old
Central Labor Council.

I can just see the union heads,
lining up at her district office,
for some good head.

Anonymous said...

Not a lot different then having a teleprompter tell you what to say.

Anonymous said...

Not a lot different then having a teleprompter tell you what to say.

Excuse me? Did your parents happen to have a child that wasn't born brain dead???

Anonymous said...

Teleprompters are used for speeches, not debates...I've seen a lot of debates in my time, but never anything like this.

Amateur hour for Crowley, as usual...Dizzy Lizzy shows her complete lack of understanding of the issues, even with electronic backup.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that she knows how to text!

Anonymous said...

This person is a complete idiot ! Vote for Lanceman, it's you only hope Queens.

Anonymous said...


And who is going to be prompting Liz if we're unfortunate enough to see her in Congress?

Anonymous said...


Well, somebody's got to
put words in Liz's mouth.

The only thing she can put
in her mouth on her own is.....
well, never mind.

I think we've already beaten that subject to death.

Anonymous said...

I watched a city council hearing a few weeks ago on cable TV and that idiot Elizabeth Crowley was chewing gum the entire time. This woman is white trash and an embarrassment to the neighborhoods she represents.