Thursday, May 24, 2012

Murder-suicide-fire in illegal Bayside apartment

From DNA Info:

A fire that broke out in the basement apartment of a Queens home led investigators to a possible crime scene.

A woman, 33, whose body was covered in marks, was transported to Flushing Hospital according to the FDNY. Initially, she was recovered from a traumatic arrest by rescuers, but was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital, fire officials said.

Rescuers also discovered a man, 50, in the process of attempting to hang himself in a closet, said Brown. The fire turned out to be a small one, the FDNY said.

The man was in transported to New York Hospital Queens in cardiac arrest Wednesday night, and was last listed in serious condition, fire officials said.

Rescuers recieved a call at 7:24 p.m. to the two-story home on 214th Place near 40th Avenue for a fire that started in the basement of the home, the FDNY said.

The woman had been found inside the basement unit on a bed, Brown said.

Investigators believed that gas in the kitchen of the basement apartment may have set off the fire, which prompted a neighbor to call 911, Brown said.


georgetheatheist said...

JEEZUS T. CHRIST!!! Can't around here spell anymore?

"Rescuers recieved a call..."

"I before E, except after C or when sounded as A, as in neighbor or weigh."

(This site is so-o-o-o...yadda-da-dada-da-da.)

Anonymous said...

Jesu Giuseppe and Maria...
Tommy Huang
isn't plaguing Bayside enough
with his shoddy building?

Here's another Asian contribution
to "the good life" in the area.

What is it with these Koreans...
stabbings, arson and hangings?

Some years ago some crazed
Korean perp tried to set fire
to his girlfriend.

Where's the "improvement"
that the Orientals were supposed
to be bringing?

Of the 3 Asiatic groups (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) The Koreans appear to commit the most violent on one.

Anonymous said...

I have Korean neighbors who live next to me here in Flushing for over ten years and still don't know their names and I never get a hello.
Rude for sure !

Anonymous said...

Regarding your next door
Korean "neighbors"....
consider yourself lucky.

We should have let Korea
fall into the hands of the Chi-Coms,
post WW II.

Too many American lives were lost defending South Korean ingrates!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is a "traumatic arrest"? Don't you just love how new phrases suddenly appear, and we're supposed to know what they mean? It's like "tweeding"-- a phrase or term evidently only used at this website by Bloomberg haters.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, it's not your parents' Bayside anymore. Welcometo he world of the tweeded and Queens Crap, Eastern Queens. The chickens are coming home to roost. How do you like it??

georgetheatheist said...
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Anonymous said...

The landlord needs to be "investigated" for renting an "illegal" apartment. Hopefully, the authorities will pursue the matter.

Enough already with these illegal apartments. This also contributes to our schools being overcrowded.

A huge portion of the Asian community is made up of arrogant, inconsiderate and vulgar individuals that think the laws don't apply to them.

Yes, there are some who are good individuals and good neighbors. I can attest to that.

Anonymous said...

The chickens are merely flying over
on their way to Nassau and Suffolk counties...Mr. BS Ass-torian.

It sounds like you're jealous of
Eastern Queen's good life.

Those chickens you speak of have been roosting and crapping all over Ass-toria and LIC for decades.

If you no longer like living
"out west"...MOVE!