Friday, May 11, 2012

Meng supporter says sex ads are 1st Amendment right

Excerpt from Nadler/Maloney press release:

U.S. Representatives Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) and Jerrold L. Nadler (D-NY) today sent a letter to Village Voice Media, LLC expressing concerns about the frequency with which that company's website is used to advertise minors and trafficked persons and urging it to shut down its notorious "adult services" section.

In a statement accompanying the release of the joint letter, whose full text is included below, Congresswoman Maloney said: "Law enforcement authorities and anti-trafficking advocates agree that the adult services section of Village Voice's is the single busiest online marketplace for the sexual trafficking of minors and trafficking victims anywhere in the United States. It is high time the Voice lived up to its reputation as a beacon of progressivism, and shut down this cesspool." Rep. Maloney serves as Co-Chair of the bipartisan Congressional Human Trafficking Caucus, which works to educate people about the reality of the trade in human lives and toward its eradication.

Congressman Jerrold Nadler said, “The Village Voice must ensure that it is not in any way assisting in the horrific business of sex trafficking. Clearly has not done enough to prevent human trafficking on its site. They should shut down their adult services page immediately, before it is used by criminals to further promote human trafficking.”

Excerpt Bob Turner press release:

Congressman Bob Turner (NY-09) introduced House Resolution 646 putting pressure on, which is owned by Village Voice Media, to eliminate the adult entertainment section of their classified ad website. Many cases have been reported of the site being used for the sex trafficking of young boys and girls as well as adult prostitution.

“The adult section of has been shown to be a hub for the despicable act of human trafficking. We cannot allow the site to continue to serve as a means of advertisement for criminals and sexual predators. The executives at Village Voice Media cannot continue making a profit off of this illegal activity. This section of should be taken down immediately.”

What about the Trib?

Dear Editor (Queens Chronicle):

Your article “Meng knew firm’s ties to adult ads” (May 3, multiple editions) about the Queens Tribune newspaper printing ads promoting “Adult services” while having a consulting and printing firm, Multi-Media, had important information missing. The information that was missing was that Congressman Gary Ackerman is a part-owner of the Tribune.

There is certainly something wrong with this picture. While Meng and others were testifying in front of Congress to pass a bill that would end the exploitation of non speaking women, trafficking, and prostitution, the congressman’s newspaper “featured 37 ads promoting adult services, including 23 promoting the use of Asian women.”

The congressman started the Tribune in the 1970s and continues to have a stake in it.

Would publishing those ads be called procuring?

Here is just another example of a congressperson putting monies before morals and the protection of women.

Joyce Shepard, CSW

Does he still own a stake in it? Not sure. Let's see what Schenkler has to say...

From the Queens Tribune:

Although I don’t speak for the Assemblywoman, I believe we agree on certain basic issues.

1) We both respect and advocate for the rights of women.

2) We both will take whatever steps that are within our power to end sex trafficking here and/or abroad.

3) We both recognize that “freedom of speech” is a cherished constitutional right that must not be trampled.

4) That “commercial speech” is speech and as such, should be respected, protected and not trampled.

5) The responsibility of righting societal wrongs rests with the legislature – in New York State, the State Legislature.

Therefore, Assemblywoman Meng and I agreed to cooperatively develop a legislative solution to address the concerns that some women’s groups have about newspaper advertising and sex trafficking.

Last time I checked, the Queens Tribune was a privately owned newspaper and therefore could print or censor whatever it chose to. In other words, no one is forcing them to print whore ads for money. I doubt that Schenk would print an ad that said, "Hitman for hire" or "Heroin for sale."

And if the whore ads are "protected speech," then how would Meng be able to legislate against them? His entire editorial makes no sense whatsoever and was a laughable attempt to try to downplay the fact that Meng hired someone to run her campaign that makes money off the exploitation of women - most notably, Asian women.

Photo from the Queens Tribune


georgetheatheist said...

Where's Nussbaum mentioned in all this palaver?

Meng is still using his "printing" services?

Folks, check out the current "Mother's Day" issue of the Tribune. All those smiling moms on the cover with the sluttiness on page 41.

Mr.Schenkler, we're here to help. It is possible to receive psychiatric assistance these days.

Please, someone call an ambulance!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Shenkler and Meng...
S&M Services...
are in business together.

What a "cute" couple they make.

Rub-a-dub-dub! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Grace Meng is paying for more
than a mere Multi Media printing contract.

Who's kidding who Gracie?

Nussbaum (Donald Manes' former "bag man")is Meng's political consultant.

And the Tribune is pleased to run biased "news" coverage favoring Meng.

Grace bought the whole package...
Gary Ackerman's experience and his newspaper's full support.

The only thing that Multi Media's printing services isn't doing for shady Meng is printing money to pay for her campaign.

Some of it, most likely, is on a boat from Taipei...freshly laundered!

Anonymous said...

Ooh la la!

Mike's with his little Oriental "squeeze".

Who "does" Ackerman?
Or who does Ackerman "do"?

Maybe Gary is retiring because he's caught some rare Asiatic STD.

maybe you should have let only your fingers do the walking through the Trib's dirty pages.

Anonymous said...

QC wrote:
Last time I checked, the Queens Tribune was a privately owned newspaper and therefore could print or censor whatever it chose to.

Yes, this was an issue throughout the 1990s as a group attempted to place ads that denied the Holocaust in various student newspapers on campuses throughout the country. Some student editors (mistakenly) thought it was a first amendment issue and that they had to print the ads. Others realized that ads did not have to be printed if they did not meet the newspaper's standards.

No one has to publish ads for "Asian body rubs". The Queens Tribune prints the ads because it is apparently lucrative for them. It's all about the money.

Anonymous said...

How convenient...
those first amendment rights champions at the Queens Tribune are making a small fortune from those sleazy ads.

Without those whore ads,
the Trib would have folded years ago.

It's most fitting that they're running shady Meng's campaign.

A vote for Meng is a vote for sexual slavery...which is not uncommon in the Orient.

Anonymous said...

Selling your soul to get ahead in politics isn't surprising.

The willingness of the Trib to run ads selling women's "holes"...
with Grace Meng being associated with such low-lifes is.

Or is it?

Grace Meng is in partnership
with these whore masters by choosing them to run her campaign.

how come she didn't go to Chuck Apelian to do her printing?


Doesn't he have a few developers in Queens already under contract?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that Gracie is really mad reading all this stuff about her.

No doubt,
we can expect her trolls to be counter posting heavily soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you "Queens Crap".

You can't find the truth
in the Tribune.

Grace said...

Mike be older man...
but have sexy whiskers...
always tickle me".

Anonymous said...

Those 1st amendment rights rub-ads support Grace's supporter's news-rag.

And the Trib's silent partner Ackerman cashes in on it too.

Anonymous said...

If Meng gets elected maybe she'll help Nussbaum set up those Shanghai Nights Ltd. clubs overseas.

Apparently Congressman Ackerman wasn't successful in that department.

The Chinese (ROC) government turned down Nussbaum and wasn't it Tobman too?

Maybe Grace, being Oriental herself, will have better luck.

Anonymous said...

Schenkler, Nussbaum and Meng
are all involved with the international sex trade...
even if only by association.

Shame on you Grace...
a woman...for choosing such sleazy political consultants to run your campaign.

Is this the kind of woman we want to send to who has already trampled all over woman's rights?

And shame on Ann Jawin...
director of a woman's center...
for honoring Grace.

You are both
disgraces to your own sex!

John from Conn said...

The typical Lib answer to any problem. Congrats you brainiacs...

Oh yeah! more licensing enforcement and regulation of massage and escort services... That's the ticket! That will surely help to stop sex trafficking and prostitution. Sadly, George and Crapper should have held this over as an October Surprise in case she won the primary. Meng and her cronies are trying to (likely successfully) get out infront of this issue in the Lame Stream Media...But, as long as Nussbuam is still "in her fold" this should continue to "dog" her.

Anonymous said...

Very Simple Solution.

It is also your right to vote with your feet.


Phone the companies that advertise in the Queens Tribune and tell them that you will not buy their products or services until the newspaper they support by their advertising budgets stops accepting sex ads.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Schenkler's daughter approves of the whore ads in her Daddy's newspaper? He used to put her picture in the Tribune as she was growing up, but I wonder if she'd be too embarrassed to have anything to do with it now.

Anonymous said...

what did you expect from former members of the United Federation of Teachers ? birds of a feather COMRADES ???

Spy Anna Chapman/ V.PUTIN ?They LOVE the color red, especially on bodies.....


Jimmy said...

No likee what say about my #1 daughter on Queens Crap...
even if it truth.

Anonymous said...

if Mike ain't lookin' like "grandpa" Will Geer.

Better wash your "flavor saver" gramps.

It looks a bit "crusty".

Anonymous said...

There is an alternative: Lancman! Vote on June 26.

Moisha Pipik said...

Wake up my fellow Jews...
Lancman is our lanzman!

Chinese is OK for take-out.

Anonymous said...

no more retorts from the Meng trolls?

They must have met their match.

Anonymous said...

No brief holiday vacation from smut, I see.

The "Q Trib's" mothers' day issue is full of "Asian Beauty, etc. "escort service" ads.

Who the fuck do you think you're
kidding Schenckler-Nussbaum?

And it's my civil right right to use 4 letter pair of phony cock sucking mother fuckers!

georgetheatheist said...

In Schenkler's own words:

"We do not 'slant' news stories because we favor a candidate."


"I’ve given campaign advice to Carol — she asked.
I’ve printed fundraising invitations for Helen — she asked.
I expect to print Karen’s campaign literature.
I also expect to print Carol’s campaign literature.
I hope to print Audrey’s campaign literature.
I’d like to print Helen’s campaign literature.
Sheldon, yell if you need help."

Read 'em here.

So much for the Queens Tribune and Multi-Media being separate entities.

Anonymous said...

Right on the mark George!

That damned Q Trib rag was first set up only to get Ackerman elected to his first job in office.

Since then Gary has handed out nothing but "hand jobs" to his constituents...the "real thing" being reserved only for his close buddies (developers, etc.).

No matter what that crooked Congressman says...
HE'S STILL A PARTNER in that porn-pulp publication!

Anonymous said...

So, let me get this right...
Mike Schenkler is upholding our sacred Constitutional first amendment right to free speech on his tawdry back pages.

let's present him with a gold medal
of valor.

What about a woman's right not to be sold as a sex slave?

No matter how you cut it,
the Queens Tribune is promoting sex trafficking.

And Grace Meng doesn't really give a damn.

If she did, then she wouldn't be using Multi Media as her political consultant.

When are you going to fire them, candidate Meng?

Anonymous said...

"And Grace Meng doesn't really give a damn."

Neither do/did Carol, Audrey, Helen and Sheldon.

The entire Queens County Democratic party doesn't give a damn.

Bottom line: Women sit in sordid cubicles turning 10-15 tricks a day. This is promoted by the owners of the Queens Tribune who are in league with the county powers that be.

georgetheatheist said...

Grace, Carol, Audrey, and Helen vs. the Queens Tribune-endorsed prostitutes.

So much for solidarity amidst the "sisterhood".

Ann Jawin of the New York Center for Women, are you reading this?

Anonymous said...

Bring in the FEDS!!!

Anonymous said...

this is just one more reason to read News Corp's Times Ledger and/or the independently owned Chronicle (which drove this story and pressed Meng and Jawin on it).

Anonymous said...

And one more reason to read Queens Crap where all the other papers get their "inside" info.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that a portion
of the whore money that the Q Trib makes gets spread around to benefit the county clubhouse.

Check out Grace's body language.
Aren't her legs crossed?

Not to worry Assembly Member Meng,
you won't have to open them.

That's the job of Nussbaum's girls.

Anonymous said...

Queens' voters are dumb enough
to elect Hitler...if he were packaged properly by the spin doctors.

Just believe what you read
in the official party paper...
"The Queens Tribune.

Thank you "Queens Crap"
for cutting through all the bullshit!

Never sell out "Crapper"...
even if Gary Ackerman or
Ruppert Murdock
make you a good offer.

We need you!

Anonymous said...

where is Ann Jawin's picket line around Multi Media's office ?

She's a whore in her own way.

Isn't Jawin drawing a salary
from the organization she formed
to protect the rights of women?