Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taxpayers ripped off in 911 upgrade

From the Office of the Comptroller:

According to an audit released today by City Comptroller John C. Liu, the contractor selected to streamline the City’s vital 911 call system was unqualified and so poorly monitored that it was able to overbill taxpayers by as much as $163 million. Because of the severity of the findings and potential for fraud in both the vendor selection and billing processes, Comptroller Liu has referred the matter to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office for further review.

This follows a previous audit released by Comptroller Liu in March that found the Emergency Communications Transformation Program (ECTP) had only one component up and running, was seven years behind schedule, and a billion dollars over budget.

Today’s audit found that severe mismanagement by DoITT has resulted in the City taxpayers not getting what they paid for. In fact, the systems integration portion of the much needed 911 upgrade could cost an additional $362 million, with taxpayers entitled to as much as $163 million in restitution.


Anonymous said...

The media also showed a number of union leaders standing by his side after giving him a wide berth earlier this year so, they may know something about the fund raising investigation that we don't...yet.

Anonymous said...

Oh,yeah, Liu is the problem. He's getting closer to Bloomberg's cash cow, and it's making him and those beholden to him nervous.The s*** you people have put up with, and will be forced to pay for well into the future to have a mayor who pretends to be one of you is un f'in believable.While y'all might be deserving of it, there's a whole lot of us who aren't and we're damned Po'd!

Anonymous said...

from the NY POST 5/31/ 12 by Sally Goldenberg :

The contract to Hewlett-Packard was registered by LIU'S predecessor, Bill Thompson, in 2005.

according to Thompson the contract was bid, overseen, and awarded by Mayor Bloomberg and his agencies.


Anonymous said...

and Mr. Comptroller (as he likes to be called) John Liu hasn't ripped off us taxpayers with matching funds based upon his illegal political campaign donations?

What's our tab, so far?

It's time to slam the jailhouse door on this Asiatic snake and throw the key into the China Sea.

Haven't he and cousin Tommy Huang been butt f-----g NYC long enough?