Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bloomberg to follow rules for once

From the NY Times:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is rich, and New Yorkers often forgive him for it. His rarefied life of weekend homes in Bermuda and private jet flights to Paris has not stopped him from earning the votes of constituents who give him credit for competence and leadership.

But being a billionaire is one thing, and breaking the rules another. So it was on Wednesday that Mr. Bloomberg, an experienced pilot, found himself under fire after he was discovered flying his private helicopter where he was not supposed to.

An amateur video, filmed by an annoyed Manhattanite and broadcast Tuesday on WABC-TV, showed the mayor landing and taking off several times over the weekend from the East 34th Street helipad, where trips on Saturday and Sunday have been expressly banned for more than a decade.

On Wednesday, a City Hall spokesman said Mr. Bloomberg would not be flying from the helipad on weekends any longer.


Anonymous said...

Bloomie will comply only because
he was caught with his pants down on video.

He's embarrassed.

Smile...your law breaking ass
is on candid camera!

Even though it won't mean shit
to this billionaire...
hizzoner should be fined...
just on principle.

Anonymous said...

I noticed a police boat just outside the helipad. More cost to taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

What a twit!

Impeachment NOW???

Anonymous said...

Most rich people don't think the laws should apply to them. I believe Mayor Mike has a law degree, yet he disregards the law. Look at all the illegal aliens that he invites to this city. He allows them in and the middle class pay for them. He steers the police away from them when they break laws. So much for Federal Immigration Laws. He doesn't like them so he disregards those laws.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't like them so he disregards those laws.

Like the term limits law that banned a third term until...

Anonymous said...

Mayor Michael Bloomberg: King of Hypocrisy!

Anonymous said...

Haaa...You can bet he's already made the phone calls to change the rules.
This prick even illegally fly's his noisy chopper over the North Fork residential areas as a shortcut during his trips to the Hampton's (summer)
I have reported his tail fin number several times to the FAA and East Hampton airport.
The mayor clearly has some "friends"
Now I have a 500mm bird watching telephoto lens for my digital SLR

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bum-berg has contempt for NYC.

It's merely a hobby that hasn't turned out to be a restful one for him.

We'll be rid of him soon.

Ned said...

"We'll be rid of him soon"

Yea, and who knows what stupid NYC voters will elect next.
Its getting very hostile for the middle class whose parents, grandparents and great grandparents built this city.
Their quality of life and wallets are being raped and they are being treated like lepers.

No political leader has done so much damage since the days of John Lindsay, Lyndon Johnson and Boss Tweed.


Anonymous said...

We won't be rid of him soon. Christine Quinn will be elected and she will be his puppet. He'll be calling the shots and we'll have his policies for another two terms (maybe 3)

Gabby Johnson said...

Quinn ...O'boy
The end is a near'rr !

Anonymous said...

According to the statements the Mayor made about the matter, he does not seem embarrassed at all.

What he was doing is major. Needs investigation further into the matter.

Don't vote for Quinn, she seems like a strange bird.