Saturday, May 12, 2012

Let's take a stroll through Kew Gardens


Anonymous said...

O comments?

Nobody seems to care much about Kew.

So let's take a nice mothers' day stroll through Flushing.

Nose clips and blindfolds are required!

But, please, take your mother somewhere else to dine...
unless she likes eating mystery meat
in one of those quaint Asiatic emporiums.

Never mind you can't read the menu.

Just let your finger make a random choice and hope that you don't wind up in Flushing Hospital's ER.

Anonymous said...

The comment has nothing to do with Kew Gardens and everything to do with the way this blog is heading.

Anonymous said...

Actually, considering the news from upstate, the first comment is quite timely...and unfortunately true.

Queens Crapper said...

Funny, the second comment criticizing the first comment has nothing to do with Kew Gardens, either. And I posted a video of a tour but you didn't like a comment posted by someone else and that means the blog is heading downhill? Get a clue. Read Gothamist or NY Post comments and you'll see what is posted here is mild.

Anonymous said...

The blog IS DEFINITELY NOT headed downhill....not with the millions of posters.

Some folks are just asleep and couldn't enjoy the tour if it bit them on the ass.

These are the same type of folks who elect crooks to become their representatives.

WAKE UP...smell the coffee...

Anonymous said...

As a resident of Kew Gardens, I loved the video and recognized virtually every shot, including the fountain inside Maple Grove Cemetery which is within eye shot of my parents' plaque. The memorial park style design of the newer (1943) section of the cemetery is very serene without headstones and particularly attractive in the spring. Kew Gardens' rolling hills topography suits this style well.