Monday, May 21, 2012

This explains everything...

As a member of the City Council, I'm used to my every move being public. It's one of the downsides to a life of public service, but I have grown accustomed to it. Today, however, I need to share with you something about the most private of subjects - my personal health.

On Wednesday, I will undergo a neurosurgical procedure to remove a benign tumor. It's a lengthy operation that will require me to remain in the hospital for the rest of the week. Then, after all goes well, I'll return home to rest and recuperate. My doctors expect a speedy recovery, and I hope to be back on my feet within a few weeks -- and get back to the business of serving you in City Hall and fighting for our district, the middle class, and our shared values.

I had the good fortune to have been timely diagnosed, back in March. Since then, I have introduced legislation to reform the Board of Standards and Appeals, fought against the DEP's water rate hikes, and helped revitalize a blighted lot in Whitestone. And I've gone to every Council meeting, attended all hearings for the committees I oversee, and been to a host of events to support our local charitable organizations, youth sports associations, and senior centers. While this has been in the back of my mind the whole time, as you can see, it hasn't slowed me down. Nothing can.

As with any operation, there is the potential for complications. I'll admit to being afraid. Who wouldn't be?

But my surgery is a small ordeal compared to what many New Yorkers are going through. I will keep you all in my mind as I fight through this surgery so I can get back to working for you.

I am fortunate to have good doctors working to resolve my health issues and a great staff who will be there for our community day in and day out. There will be no lack of attention to your needs while I am on the mend, and my staff will continue to provide the best constituent service in the City of New York.

In the meantime, I ask for your thoughts during these next two weeks, and welcome the prayers and well-wishes of those who have expressed their concern.

It is deeply gratifying to realize how much so many of you care. Know that I will be back to fight for you and for our neighborhoods as soon as possible.

In Service,

Dan Halloran

I personally wish Dan a speedy recovery since half of my material is derived from his antics.

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It's not a toomer? It is a toomer. Hahr-hahr.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong I hope all goes well and if it's no big ordeal why the letter to everyone? Sympathy votes? I hope that's not it. Is it an excuse to list his nonexistent accomplishments? Also I've noticed that a certain public figure (calls himself this on FB ) also signs his letters in service. How coincidental is that? Any who hope it's nothing too serious and he gets better and decides to remove himself from the stress of public office for his health and ours

Anonymous said...

Cheap shot.

Anonymous said...

my family prayers will be for you CM.

My son in law had a similar operation two years ago and is now fine and fulfilling his stressful job each day in the "big apple".

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the tumor could account for some of his "Antics"???

Anonymous said...

Sincere good wishes for your speedy recovery Councilman Halloran.

And best wishes
for the district's recovery as well.

Anonymous said...

To the Blog are truly disgusting or one very ill person.The CM will be fine. All sympathy, prayers,etc. should be sent your way. Clearly you need it more.

Anonymous said...

Oh please. Because he needs surgery we are supposed to forget what an unhinged lying lunatic he is? Sorry, Anthony Seminerio was on his deathbed and still getting hammered, deservedly so. Dan should be happy that the blog author hasn't reported about half the shit he's done.

Anonymous said...

Depending on the size and location of the tumor (e.g., what it's pressing against in his brain), it could account for changes in mood, behavior, balance, etc. There is always danger and risk (for example, stroke) when removing a brain tumor. Hope he's OK.

Now, to get back to the usual sniping: Hey, there's now medical proof that Dan Halloran has a brain! Proves lots of people wrong...

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the surgery CM Halloran. I'm sure it will go well. But back to poliltics. For a guy who's fighting so hard and working so hard and introducing so much legislation, how come it is so little is actually being accomplished for the citizens of your district, outside of the R.E. Developers that is. Why did it take years to clean up that empty lot, which is right across the street from your office. That in an of itself should be a litmus test for your efficiency. Don't let your distric end up like Flushing, overcrowded, filthy and congested with traffic. Call for the resignation of the D.O.T. Commissioner at least!

Anonymous said...

What is it you want done that he hasn't yet done? I'm just curious

Anonymous said...

"What is it you want done that hasn't yet been done? I am just curious."

I did not ask the question above:

"how come it is so little is actually being accomplished for the citizens of your district, outside of the R.E. Developers that is.?

But, Thank you, as it gives me an opportunity to state what I expect and what much of the public expects and wants done.

Hopefully, this is a question being asked by the Councilman himself or someone "close" to him that has significant influence with the Councilman.

Simply stated:

We want the Councilman to go after the "notorious" Huang family and their "allegedly" many sham corporations.

We want the Councilman to see that their "illegal" and "unsafe" construction projects are permanently shutdown.

We want the Councilman to see that Certificates of Occupancy are not issued by the DOB for any and all "questionable", "unsafe" and "illegal" structures.

We want the Councilman to protect us and safeguard our property and the public from the likes of the Huangs. After all, the Councilman and the NYC Agencies have a "special duty" to do that.

We want the Councilman to personally show up at Community Board Meetings and Public Hearing involving "controversial and vehemently contested" Huang projects.

We want the Councilman to personally show up a BSA hearings involving "controversial and vehemently contested" Huang projects.

If Congressman Ackerman's seat is a goal, I think that the Councilman will need to address the Huang matter.

By the way, the Huangs are terrorists of sort. Terrorists need to be brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

"One very ill person"?

I hope that this commenter
has a degree in psychology instead of suck-ology.

Sorry, but the truth
still remains the truth
and nothing can alter that.

C.M. Halloran has done a lot for developers and not much to protect his constituents from them.

Now go and kiss Phil Ragusa's Republican throw back.

Anonymous said...

Dan supported
Joey Franco's (White House)
and Marino's plans for expansion
over the wishes of
the local residents.

How does one account for that?

Anonymous said...

Only The Creator
has the vantage point to be able
to judge our behavior.

We are held accountable
for what we've done, or should have done.

Did our councilman
fulfill his responsibilities?

G-d bless and Amen.

Anonymous said...

Our think that the citizens of Queens and the constituents of our politicians are entitled to judge a politician's behavior. As politicians, they are accountable to us. Here and Now!

Ultimately, in the end, we all will be held accountable.

Aside from politics: Hopefully, God be good to him at this time.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "our behavior"

"did our councilman fulfill his responsibilities"

The answere is: Not to a "bunch" of us.

For some, amen will be when the Huangs's are stopped once and for all. Stopped from destroying neighborhoods and people's lives.

Your comments sound perhaps a little personal.

Our comments are deeply personal for good reason. We have been harmed.

Best wishes to the Councilman for a full and speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

It would be inhuman of us,
if we did not care about a
fellow human being making a speedy recovery.

Of course we care.

But it would be stupid of us to believe that our CM has been doing the job we elected him for.

One thing has nothing to do with the other.

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Dan Halloran.

Anonymous said...

why are there no comments on Cm. dan halloran opposing the spending of $2 MILLION for a law by the NYC cm. to have cabbies stop,counsel and turn in prostitutes that ride their cabs.

why not help your post readers to evaluate his recorded statement ?

you must really fear that he has a chance to win the congressional seat.

Breitbart is here and you are not.....

Queens Crapper said...

So what if he opposes it? There are more votes in favor of it. He has accomplished nothing but get his name in the press by coming out against it.