Friday, May 11, 2012

Junkie stole the manhole covers

From NBC New York:

Police have arrested a man suspected of stealing more than a dozen manhole covers across the city in a spree that stumped utility officials for weeks.

Sources tell NBC 4 New York that the 46-year-old suspect, Andrew Modica, has admitted to stealing at least 18 of the covers across Brooklyn and Queens.

Modica told police that he is a crack and heroin addict and has been stealing the covers to sell for scrap metal and support his addiction. He told police he may have stolen more than 18 but could not remember because of his drug use, sources said.

Modica said he was paid about 15 cents per pound at two scrap yards, or about $30 per cover.

Witnesses told police that he would pull up to a manhole in a truck, surround it with cones, hook the cover and use a hydraulic car back to raise it into the pickup truck bed. He would leave either the cones or a construction barrel over the hole when he was done, police said.


Anonymous said...

Huh? Cracky has a truck? A license? Insurance? He's strong enough to pull and load these things? Boy, I've learned a lot.

Auntie Invasion said...

Maybe it's high time to stop buying manhole covers MADE IN INDIA. many manhole covers I've stepped on have the logo, MADE IN INDIA.
How about MADE IN NYC? by Americans?

Anonymous said...

Dump him into one of those holes.

maybe "crackie" is doing us a service.

We might lose a crooked pol or two
in one of those open sewers.

Now, wouldn't that be nice?

Anonymous said...

That open hole looks like entrance
to Multi Media's whore ad operation.

Mike Nussbaum is about to climb out with the latest proof sheets.

Anonymous said...

Where's Grace Meng?
Isn't she down there with "Nussie"?

Anonymous said...

It is like India herer

Inspector Clousseau said...

Rheund up all likely suspects!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the irony.

"NYC Sewer" appears in larger lettering on some cover designs...
followed underneath by a smaller, "Made in India".

Anonymous said...

Who's buying these manhole covers and why aren't they being fined?

Anonymous said...

you'll find them at the junkyard on junius st/linden blvd. Cracky sould also be charged with Reckless Endangerment!

Anonymous said...

The purchasers should be prosecuted. Period.

It's like day laborers: so-called "law abiding" flag waving, uostanding citizens hire these guys. The employers should be prosecuted.

Many, many of the things that we get riled up about, it seems, require TWO parties to create the illegal situation. Both pasrties are guilty, both should be prosecuted.