Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bloomberg a little testy after being caught breaking rule

From Eyewitness News:

No amount of City Hall spin could change what the video reveals: A Mayor repeatedly violating a city-imposed noise curfew at an East side heliport.

So after two Eyewitness News reports documenting Mayor Bloomberg's noisy weekend intrusions, 8 in just one weekend, he announced he would use another heliport.

Dr. Ron Sticco, a fed up resident who recorded the scofflaw Mayor's helicopter movements, says he's pleased with Bloomberg's decision:

"This is about respecting the community and abiding by the rules. I'm happy but I really wish it had never come to anything like this," Sticco said.
The Mayor could now end up using the city-owned Wall Street heliport, which is open during weekends. An obviously miffed Mayor brushed off the entire curfew controversy:

"Don't know why it's such a big deal. If that's the news that's fit to print in this day in age, it's a sad day," he said.

But the Sticcos and others say when the Mayor, a man of great wealth and power, behaves as though rules don't apply to him and then gets caught - that they say is newsworthy.

Residents say for an urgent matter or an emergency, no one would blame the mayor for using the heliport, but 8 times in one weekend, they say shows blind arrogance.


Anonymous said...

Bloomberg's little testes are to blame! He's got issues. Glad to see his comeuppance with this story.

Joe said...

I'm still trying to figure out if the heliport is closed how is Bloomberg able to get fuel, file a flight plan and get this flight plan approved 8 times ?
How to you even file a flight plan to or from closed airport ?

Lots of people had to know what the mayor was doing including air traffic controllers who would see the choppers transponder using a closed heliport 8 times.
1-Perhaps the mayor's been flying passengers like a pirate with NO FLIGHT PLAN turning his airborne powered passenger laden aircraft's transponder off not to be seen and tracked. (federal crime)or 2 - Authority's in charge of NYCs airspace & safety saw EVERYTHING and looked the other way.

The mayor all these enablers involved belong in federal lockup, his pilots license suspended pending a full FAA and Dept Home Security investigation.

The FEDS need to get involved being so many local authority's had to know what the mayor was doing yet were too afraid (or paid off) to do anything.
THIS IS A BIG DEAL it reeks of corruption, dozens of violations and very dangerous safety issues to the public and other aircraft.

Anonymous said...

I agree with second blog. Maybe he is doing more that he should not be doing with respect to those flights.

He is an arrogan SOB. God riddance when his term is over.

Jerry Rotondi said...

is the key word here.

Whether Emperor Bloomberg
was aware or unaware
that he was breaking the law
is no excuse.

"It's nice to be king",
is his general attitude!

Most New Yorkers can't wait until
this pint sized pretender to the throne is gone!

And, speaking of "thrones"--
you're doing a NICE JOB, "Crappy".

Anonymous said...

YOU voted for him, NOW DEAL WITH IT.

Anonymous said...

when doe's he leave , when is his time up , i'm sick of this dumb ass

Michael Bloomgod said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHAH You foolish goyim.

In March 2009, Forbes reported My wealth at $16 billion, a gain of $4.5 billion over the previous year, enjoying THE WORLD'S BIGGEST INCREASE IN WEALTH. At that time, there were only four fortunes in the U.S. that were larger (although the Wal-Mart family fortune is split among four people). I moved from 142nd to 17th in the Forbes list of the world's billionaires in only two years (March 2007 – March 2009). In March 2011, my total wealth had increased to $19.5 billion, ranking 12th in the Forbes 400 and 30th in the world. As of 2012, Forbes ranks my fortune at $22 billion.

I became Mayor to help YOU people out....hahahah goyim, so funny.

BRB, making billions at your expense.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHAH You foolish goyim.

Is it really necessary to make it a Jewish thing? He's rich and arrogant - there are some in every religion and every ethnic group.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
YOU voted for him, NOW DEAL WITH IT.

Hey asshole! Do you seriously believe that the people who read and contribute to the Queens Crap blogsite support Bloomberg in any way, including showing support with a vote??? Maybe if your head wasn't stuck far up your butt---

Anonymous said...

What's the penalty for the repeated violations? Which agency imposes it?

Anonymous said...

What's the penalty for the repeated violations?

In my world, IMPEACHMENT!!!

Joe said...

penalty for the repeated violations? ?
Kind of the same a a car driver who got a DUI but less expensive and you records are expunged after only 2 years (yes very scarey)

The Federal Aviation Administration has many enforcement avenues to pursue:
An Inspector can "educate" the errant pilot with either a Warning Notice or a Letter of Correction.
A Letter of Correction is like a warning Notice except that the pilot must take re-training classes in a manner acceptable to the FAA FAA
The investigating Inspector will notify the pilot by certified mail, explain that a re-examination is justified based on a particular incident, and even specify what procedures and maneuvers will be evaluated. The pilot must contact the FAA to schedule a convenient time and place for an interview and re-examination. If the pilot does not complythe FAA attorneys suspend the pilot's certificate until the re-examination is passed.

The re-examination might include, three hours of takeoff and landing instruction with a local designated Pilot Examiner. Written tests. The program is a formal agreement between the pilot and the FAA, the cost of which is born by the pilot.
Unlike a a drunk getting a DUI the whole matter is "expunged" from the pilot's records after two years.
Failing to adhere to the terms is suspension.

Once a violation has been identified, the FAA will attempt to build its case by gathering evidence from a variety of sources, such as ATC or eyewitness observations, audio tapes, radar tracks, etc. The alleged violator will also be sent a Letter of Investigation by certified mail soliciting his perspective. Of course, the pilot may choose to respond to the LOI with his version of the matter, which may or may not have mitigating or exculpatory facts; or the alleged violator can ignore the Letter of Investigation, because there is no legal mandate to reply.

A Certificate Action is quite complex and can have a dramatic bearing on a pilots career. Such action can be a certificate suspension of only 15 days to outright revocation. Thus, seeking the advice of counsel (yes, a lawyer) in such matters is more than justified, because very important procedural rights are in play, including an appeals process that could take the matter right through the NTSB to the federal court system.

Civil Penaltys

Fines against naughty operators can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Assessing fines against General Aviation pilots is somewhat rare.
A certificate action must be brought against the pilot within six months of the incident so as not to run afoul of the "stale complaint" rule. However, the FAA has up to two years to seek a monetary forfeiture. For aviators facing "Civil Penalties," employing legal counsel is virtually a "must" since notification and procedural rules are daunting.

Criminal Action: "The Hammer."
Forge a pilot certificate, carry a gun on an airliner, turn off a transponder, fake an aircraft registration, or stick an extra illegal fuel tank in your aircraft and the guys with dark sunglasses from the Department of Justice come to your door with handcuffs !

The majority of legal professionals urge pilots to not admitting anything to the FAA or media for fear of inadvertently self-incriminating.

Anonymous said...

Behold our *green* mayor...

Cigarettes and cars are dirty, but helicopters? No problem!

Do as I say, not as I do!