Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The NY-6 congressional candidates on overdevelopment


Anonymous said...


And there's the ever-present Evergreen Chou.

Does he still want to be
(as Chairman Mao has often said)
"the good politician"?

Our matching fund system was supposed to open up the election
to all qualified candidates,
regardless of the size of their
war chests.

What it's produced is a bunch of starry-eyed nincompoops that
couldn't run a garage sale properly.

Anonymous said...

Liz may have well swallowed Brian Mc Laughlin (and others)... but DON'T ask us to swallow her continued lies about caring for historic preservation! For example... "dizzy" Lizzy has done absolutely NOTHING to ensure the creation of a park on the St. Saviour's site while she's a sitting city council member. Lip service ass usual is Liz's forte.

Anonymous said...

GO, RORY...GO...
straight to the halls of Congress!

We need you to rebuild
what Gary Ackerman has destroyed.

Note the rest of the contestants.

Liz looks bored and fidgety while the stone faced Meng maintains her signature inscrutable persona.

LOL...and Dr. Mittman?
He's just your run of
the medicaid mill jerk-wad

Maybe Vicky Schnepps
will get a medical discount for pimping "the doctor".

Vote for Lancman,
or invite catastrophe.

Anonymous said...

Luv that "ass usual".

Does she take it there too?

Anonymous said...

Rory's the only one there with a brain and any real feelings about doing the "right thing" for his constituents.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of hearing that Dizzy Lizzy Crowley worked on historic preservation. She doesn't know history and doesn't have a clue how to preserve anything.

Anonymous said...

Lancman is by far the smartest candidate. He's got my vote.

Anonymous said...

What's with Crowley is she filing her nails or does she just have attention deficit syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Liz worked as an art restorer on Radio City Music Hall, as she claims.

Maybe Crowley gilded a few architectural ornaments there
(between BJs?).

But don't try gilding the Lily by presenting yourself as a viable candidate who cares about historic preservation, "dizzy" Lizzy.

Everybody's got your number!
You're in bed with the developers.

You screwed Maspeth
out of a St. Saviour's Park!

It's payback time for you
at the polls!

Anonymous said...

Someone wrote LOL...and Dr. Mittman?
He's just your run of
the medicaid mill jerk-wad

This guy has no ones best interest at heart except his pockets . Heck on his poster he cant even crack a real smile . I know some people in the pharmacuetical industry who do not go to his office anymore because he shakes them done for freebies constantly ie lunches cakes coffee dinners you name it .