Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How Quinn tries to hide her record

From the Daily News:

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn does not lead by example when it comes to making laws.

Quinn, the front-runner in the race to be the city’s next mayor, was primary sponsor for just two of the 827 bills that have been submitted to the City Council since 2010, a Daily News analysis found.

While Quinn’s spokeswoman said the Speaker’s fingerprints are all over important bills, Council sources say she avoids lending her name to legislation so that it won’t hurt her as she tries to consolidate support for her mayoral run.

“She tends to give her bills away, so it can be hard to judge what ideas were hers,” one Council insider said.

The median output over that period was for a lawmaker to be primary sponsor of 12 bills.

Quinn frequently asks colleagues to introduce measures on her behalf, which allows her to curry favor and to avoid angering important voting blocs, insiders say.

“She’s trying to be all things to all people. At some point, if you attach your name to legislation it becomes difficult to do that,” said Doug Forand, a political consultant who is not working for any of the 2013 mayoral contenders.


Anonymous said...

isn't this how a certain politician from Chicago had no voting paper trail ,that got him elected,re-elected,re-elected after voting "PRESENT" repeatedly ?

i think his first name recorded might be Barry?

Anonymous said...

Quinn has a small Constituency but has great power in CCP position. All one has to do to beat her is to trot out that constituency in front of the greater population of the city whom would have a difficult time relating with her supporters.

Anonymous said...

Look at the arrogant puss on her!

Introducing her honor Mayor Quinn?
Gasp...NYC is doomed!

But maybe that's really a blessing in disguise.

Once NYC sinks to the very bottom,
any improvement it makes (from then on there) will look very rosy.

Remember folks,
the city bottomed out in the 1970s,
then it rebounded better than ever.

Politics is cyclical.

Praise the Lord
we can ride out this lousy cycle.

Anonymous said...

well,WE certainly know where SHE stands on the law "permitting" fingerprints of those arrested to get checked out only to see if they are facing a deportation order.
why of course she's against it and adamant and beligerant in her sheer unadulterated outrage as well.

Anonymous said...

this pig , VOTE her out

Anonymous said...

One wonders if she is prone to paying $150,000. to keep friends and preachers from exposing her to the voters.
This seems to be the Chicago way, according to the new book, "The Amateur" .

Anonymous said...

There really is nothing unusual about the leader of a legislature not sponsoring much legislation. in fact, the speaker of the US house of representatives rarely even votes unless there is a tie. it has been the custom for many years,