Saturday, May 19, 2012

Strip club goes full monty after liquor license denied

From the Daily News:

Show Palace, formerly known as Gypsy Rose, is slated to open May 31 as a gentleman’s club and restaurant.

A message sent out on the club’s Twitter account touts it as “the newest, largest, most upscale FULL NUDE Adult Nightclub/Restaurant in NYC.”

Owners of the club have tried twice to get a liquor license without success.

Local civic leaders, elected officials and business owners lobbied hard against the club, saying it would hurt the rebirth of Long Island City as a family friendly neighborhood.

In recent days, young women have walked into local businesses and handed out cards with risque pictures advertising Show Palace.

The club’s web page outlines its hours, 7 p.m. to 4 a.m. Thursdays through Sundays, noting it offers a $10 steak, eggs and mimosa meal deal.

While full nudity is not allowed in clubs where alcohol is served, the rules are looser for dry establishments.

Terry Flynn, an attorney for the club’s owner, said they are still pursuing a liquor license.


Anonymous said...

BYOB Mr. Nussbaum.
Sit back and enjoy the show!

Uh...and try to control yourself!

Remove your tell tale trembling hand from your pocket.

Surely you can get one of your
Tribune's "hot Asian beauties" to do that for you later.

Joe said...

Funny story about BYOB:
There was this all nude strip joint called "Lucky's Lounge" on Queens blvd and 54st back in the late 70's.

They went around the liqueur license "No booze served" by making it a private membership club that allows members to BYOB (bring your own booze)
Customers would buy a stamped cup that was good for 1/2 hour.
They also served fresh White Castle "murder burgers" and soda.
Anyway the place got raided by the feds one night over gambling. 3 of the people arrested were cops ! People were booing Ed Koch on TV

Just for clarity:-I know this because my band would play once a month at "The Coventry" down the Blvd

Anonymous said...

Oh nice - cant wait for the grand opening - booooobies!!!

Anonymous said...

A good community should offer all the amenities. Dads, our elder kids, and young couples shouldn't have to leave town to enjoy a night out with entertainment, and a meal.
This is a great hookah place, then go home with the wifey, and freak! ;)

Anonymous said...

My friends and I hung out there in the late 70’s the manager was a women named Gracie all good