Sunday, May 27, 2012

ICCC project raises its ugly head again

From the Times Ledger:

Since its attempt to acquire more land on the Creedmoor Psychiatric Campus in Bellerose fell through last year, the Indian Cultural and Community Center is hoping to provide alternative access to its proposed developments, but the community is reluctant to approve anything before investigations into the center’s controversial dealings are concluded.

The center is now looking for approval from the city Board of Standards and Appeals to provide access through a vehicular easement on the eastern side of the property by 82nd Avenue.

Due to a scheduling conflict, the community board’s Land Use Committee report was not available Monday, so members could not vote on the application, although the surrounding controversies seemed to be enough to put them off on from taking any position on the center’s dealings.

“Given the fact that we have never had any closure on any investigations that are taking place within the state, I feel that we are not in a position to vote either way on anything regarding this,” said CB 13 member Charlie Farruggia.

When the state’s legislative lines were redrawn earlier this year, the Creedmoor Campus was removed from state Sen. Tony Avella’s (D-Bayside) district and placed in Sen. Malcolm Smith’s (D-St. Albans).

Avella has been a vocal critic of the original land deal, and Smith introduced the bill on the second one, though he later pulled his support.


Anonymous said...

Let them build next door to Frank Padavan.

Anonymous said...

Are these "Indians" as in "Native Americans" or "Indians" as in "South Asians"?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 2:

Well, Duh.