Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rain a headache in Springfield Gardens

From NY1:

Every time there’s heavy rainfall, homeowners on one block in Jamaica, Queens struggle with massive flooding.

“I've replaced my refrigerator four times. I've replaced my dryer four times. I've replaced my freezer four times,” says resident Allison Monroe.

The problems aren’t purely to do with appliances, however.

“We're talking about not just water, we're talking about feces backing up, we're talking about garbage. We're talking about water coming through our tubs, water coming through our toilets,” says resident Kim Lawton.

Residents say the furious flooding that fills their basements with water is the result of poor drainage and runoff from a federal aviation building next door.

The residents, who claim insurance won't cover them, say the city needs to put more drains in the street.

NY1 called the Department of Environmental Protection and a spokesman said this area is prone to flooding because of the low-lying topography.

The spokesman went on to say DEP has already done extensive sewer upgrades in Springfield Gardens and that the agency is planning to study the feasibility of resolving the persistent flooding issues in this area.

When we asked for a timeframe, however, the spokesman said they have none.

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Anonymous said...

The government is too busy working on legalizing gambling. What these people need is lobbyists to work on (pay) the politicians.