Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bloomberg: "Let's tax 'em all!"

From the Daily News:

If Mayor Bloomberg were president, he'd tax 'em all - not just the rich.

"If you want to raise taxes, don't pick one class of people and say, 'I think they have too much money' or 'I don't think they have enough money' or whatever," the mayor said Friday on his weekly radio show.

"Raise everbody's taxes 1 or 2 percent or whatever."

Bloomberg was responding to a question from a caller named Thomas who asked how hizzoner would have handled the nation's recent debt debate.

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Mayor Mike said...

Boy that guy in back of me is quite well-endowed! MMMmmmmmm......
See ya in my dreams, fella.

John Q. Pubic said...

Hell, he's even taxing my patience!

Gary the Agnostic said...

I wish mine was this big!!!

Anonymous said...

Two words: Flat tax
Simple and fair.

Mayor Mike said...

Two words: Flat tax
Here's another two words: EAT ME!

Anonymous said...

How would hizzoner handle the nation's recent debt debate?

He'd screw it up just the way he did with NYC.

Thanks be, that he'll never become president.

What a senile megalomaniac he is!

Anonymous said...

I need a condom this size to accommodate my large ego.

Anonymous said...

Just look at that arrogant half pint SOB with imperial pretentions.

He's become a Jewish Hitler!

"Tax them all and gas those Geese running loose in my parks. They're not Arians"!

Anonymous said...

Stop wasting the taxpayers money, then we will have plenty for our needs.

The politicians must start thinking of every Americans needs not just those who vote for them.

Remember you guys represent everyone in your district (whatever that may be).

No more gerrymandering!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tax em all - I need the money to make more bike lanes.

Anonymous said...

Here's another two words: EAT ME!

What's wrong or unfair with all of us paying the same percentage of our income? The wealthy will still be paying much more, and it can eliminate some of the elaborate loopholes they currently take advantage of.

Reality Czech said...

What's wrong or unfair with all of us paying the same percentage of our income? The wealthy will still be paying much more, and it can eliminate some of the elaborate loopholes they currently take advantage of.

Don't ya just love that some QC readers still believe in fairy tales and Santa Claus? As long as the electorate keep putting the same corrupt officials in office, a fair tax system will NEVER happen! Keep dreaming...

Michael Bloomtard said...

I'm this far away from running for a fourth term!

Anonymous said...

He's right this time. Everyone should pay something. Even if it's a little bit. Not fair to tax the wealthy because they worked hard to accumulate their wealth, while the welfare recipients live off the rich and the middle class. Make a flat tax so everyone can pay according to their income. Rich people would be taxed at the higher rate of course. They already pay most of the taxes, while 43 percent pay NOTHING. What about all the illegals who get free services? Tax them -- or better yet, don't give them services at all. Deport them.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying its going to happen, just that its not a bad idea in principle.

Anonymous said...

Caption: "Despite decades of attempts, I'm still only able to take this much before it starts to really hurt."

Anonymous said...

"Make a flat tax so everyone can pay according to their income. Rich people would be taxed at the higher rate of course."

I don't think you understand the concept of a flat tax.

Everyone would pay the same rate. Higher income earners will pay more because x percent of $1,000,000 is more than x percent of $100,000, which is more than x percent of $10,000.

Joe said...

You cant have a flat tax without closing the dozens off loopholes first.
There at trillions of dollars sitting in places like Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica off shore out of reach.
Fat chance loopholes wiill be closed since all the billion dollar corporate crooks run both the Senate and congress via remote control with big lobbyist payola.
The corporations are gaining more and more power then the government every passing year.
Congressman have totally forgotten who the work for. "The Telecommunications Act of 1995" (legal monopoly)is a perfect example:

The whole system has run amuck nu-checked so long it needs to be completely flushed and re-done.
Lobbyists & payola should be banned

Anonymous said...

redistribution of wealth is a marxist philosophy. it did not work in Jamestown, Va.

Capt. John Smith said" if you do not work you do not eat ".

if one reads the arm patch of the Norwegian mass killer of the teens of the elite socialist/left wing labor party families , it reads "MARXIST HUNTER".

this is a non story in the world/ liberal/media
/complex now.

Norwegian citizens pay one of the highest tax rates in the socialist world. although the country is one of the richest oil producers. is the oil revenue being shared with the citizens. i hear not. what is being done with the money?

Anonymous said...

just that its not a bad idea in principle.

Unfortunately we're dealing with people who have NO principles!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 19:

So you're justifying what that guy did?

Sick, sick sick.

Anonymous said...

For all you idiots who want a so called "flat " tax. Here's how that doesn't work. Let's say Joe shmoe makes $500 a week and the flat tax for argument's sake is 10%. Well then poor old joe shmoe after paying FED tax only now has $450. Then of course the payroll taxes and state and local taxes, by the time it's all done he's got $400. Just try fucking living on FOUR FREAKIN HUNDRED DOLLARS. He couldn't even live on the $500 much less.$400. Now let's take Richie Rich. He just made his $10,000 for the week. You tax him 10% he's got $9k. Maybe after state and local he's got $8k. Well he's got a fuck of a better chance of living on that $8k then poor old Joe Shmoe does of trying to subsist on $400.

Most of you fools who advocate for a flat tax don't even get how this all works. If someone has ONE MILLION DOLLARS taxable income, it means they started with over TWO MILLION. That's how it works ALWAYS. And if they have one million taxable, fuck em and tax them the way they were taxed under Kennedy when we actually had a thriving middle class. 70% and guess what, they still have $300k free and clear, after all of their expenses which helped write off the first million.

Anonymous said...

He's such a self-pitying narcissist.

Monsieur Gillette said...


It's time to erect a guillotine on the steps of city hall and give some of our political "aristo's" a very close shave!

"Citizen Bloomberg....
you've got "5 o'clock shadow"!

Anonymous said...

RE:anon 21. history is said to repeat itself eventually.

remember the nazihitler,stalin/u.s.s.r.,socialist communists attacking Europe in 1939 ?

cuban castro communists attacking the havana citizens in 1959 ?

north korea ,china ,u.s.s.r. communists attacking south korea in 1952 ?


U.K.and scandanavia in 2011 ?

Unknown said...

Anyone that really thinks that taxing the rich more will mean more money for the government is naive. Rich people will remain rich because they have the ability to "hide" their money from taxes. They can afford to stash their money away. Poor and middle class can't afford to lock their money away.
The only thing that will work is for everyone to pay the same %.

Anonymous said...

the U.S.A. came this close to becoming the slaves of the nazi's and japanese war machines.

remember that August 14 is the anniversary of the japanese surrender in 1945 to the Allied Forces and( U.S.A.),for starting WWll with the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 25:

I remember all of that. And all of that has nothing to do with a someone proudly murdering a lot of people in Norway.

And you are justifying it. It's a sickness...

Joe said...

1-Get the army and National guard to enforce immigration and throw all the parasite illegals out.
2-Arrest and jail the mayor for mass negligence with the lives of millions and violation of citizens Constitutional right to the 29th Amendment.
3- Do away with the "born right" it was intended for children slaves over 100 years ago. Its obsolete and wide open for abuse that was not the intent of the law.

Anonymous said...

#21, you do not understand what you are reading. a fact is a fact is a fact.

you are guilty of omission, in your statement . tell some truth for a change.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Democrat and a Liberal and I dont think that it hurts to give a little more for the services that we ALL receive!

Anonymous said...

RE: liberal/democrat big spender, why not set up your money give away table on main street /roosevelt avenue ?

your freeloaders will love your $, all the way to the liquor store & drug dealer.

i will keep my earned income and donate to those of my choosing.

i do not need a leftwing government to redistribute my earnings.