Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Koo asks Thompson to secure RKO Keith's

From the Times Ledger:

Jerry Rotondi, president of the Committee to Save the RKO Keith’s Theatre, a group that advocates for preservation of the beloved theater, has raised concerns that the building at 137-25 Northern Blvd. is not fully secured.

Rotondi said two acquaintances told him they saw youths throwing bottles from the theater’s roof at about 6:30 p.m. Aug. 6 and he worries that such intruders could start a fire at the aging building or damage its crumbling landmarked lobby.

“I went to the theater after the kids were seen throwing bottles from the roof, and if you go around to the back of the building, there’s an opening you could get into. So we’re requesting an immediate inspection of the property by the Landmarks Preservation Commission to ensure the building is properly secured,” Rotondi said Monday. “The building should be sealed.”

Rotondi sent a letter Aug. 7 to Mark Silberman, an attorney for the city Landmarks Commission, requesting such an inspection and forwarded it to local leaders.

An inspection has yet to take place, according to Rotondi, and Thompson contends that there is no need for one to be undertaken.

“The building is totally secured,” Thompson said Tuesday morning. “There’s no story here.”

But a quick walk around the theater Monday night indicated otherwise as a door frame sat open and unhindered behind a fence atop a structure attached to the back of the main building. Two below-ground-level openings were visible from a parking lot behind the theater, suggesting that a crafty person could gain entrance to the structure.

Koo and his chief of staff, James McClelland, took a walk around the building Tuesday morning and saw the openings, prompting Koo to contact Thompson.

“The councilman and I visited the site today, and upon seeing three access points demanded that the developer immediately secure the area,” McClelland said.


Anonymous said...

If Ackerman had cared about Flushing, he would've long ago allocated federal funds for rehablitating the RKO.

Nussy said...

Hey Jerry! Mind your own damn business. Stop "lobbying" because you're exposing the truth. I can't handle the truth!!!

Anonymous said...

The RKO will be ended up same as other buildings owned by Sam Suzuki.

Joe said...

Appears certain people are begging for vandals to torch or destroy that lobby awaiting restoration.
Then cry "hardship" "everything lost"

With a little help from political friends, Fire inspectors & Mayor the owner the landmarking dropped to plow everything into a clear lot.

The same demise will eventually happen with the Steinway mansion.

Anonymous said...

yeah Koo and McClleland took a tour.

Did they bring Gallagher the rapist with them ?

Did they inspect the building or look for old ladies to rape ?

Time Lee said...

Just got a new clock. It goes Koo Koo! Koo Koo! And it's running late!

Anonymous said...

The same demise will eventually happen with the Steinway mansion.

Yea, that is one we can pin on the politicians .... and the locals that think its a bad thing to stand up to the 'boss.'

When you tell them what their pols are doing they get embaressed, stammer, and change the subject and say 'they don't have time to get involved'.

When pressed further they get snappy and glumly silent.