Friday, August 26, 2011

He's not going anywhere this time

Mayor Bloomberg on Thursday kicked off an intense, multiday "not in Bermuda" hurricane campaign.

The mayor and his top aides were pummeled last winter for being out of town - and woefully ill prepared - as the devastating post-Christmas blizzard brought the city to its knees.

Hizzoner was ridiculed for being in Bermuda until just before that storm. Eight months later, the preparations for Hurricane Irene have been the polar opposite - and extensively publicized.

He and his aides have rolled out regular public briefings and laid out extensive plans for police boats, hospital readiness, fallen tree-removal crews and even warning of evacuations from coastal areas - at least three days before the 'cane's arrival.

This time, Bloomberg and his team will be hunkering down for a working weekend as Irene barrels through - "it's fair to say I'll be around," he quipped.

Find your zone:

NYC Hurricane Irene Evacuation Map


Anonymous said...

He ain't goin' 'cause hurricane will hit his Bermuda island full force.

Snake Plissskin said...

Glad to see the LIC is included as a potential flood zone and even more interested that no one is saying anything about that.

But hell, I got lots of money for taxes to bail out the developers and the trust fund babies down there, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Hey Crappy

Vallone is our public safety official. Lets see if he handles things as well as the blackout!

georgetheatheist said...

On your knees sinners!

The orange-yellow-green areas are Foreclosure Land. Hallelujah! These "underwater" houses will be literally underwater. Float 'em out to see and their deadbeat residents too. Good riddance ya bums!

Hurricane Irene is a Godsend.


Joe said...

"Float 'em out to sea"

If this thing hits 80+ MPH sustained winds (reversing direction as it passes over) as projected ---BIG trouble.
All them new slap up houses and McMansions with no roof strapping are going to be pounded apart. Queens will look like Hiroshima (minus the charcoal) the day after the bomb dropped.
No power or gasoline available for weeks.
And thats when the riots and looting are likely start.

The city and cops are not prepared for any of this.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said... Bloomberg Harris Christine Quinn Amanda the people's Burden worse than a natural disaster.

Be safe. XO to Quuens Crappers and four legged ones too!!

Gary the Agnostic said...

Not going to happen that way, Joe. People aren't going to be thrilled for a while, but there won't be any looting or rioting. sorry to spoil the fantasy.

Anonymous said...

i survived two hurricanes in 1954,in Charleston S.C.,while a mine force base sailor. Mother Nature can really put a scare into you.
if the winds are at full force ,go to a brick building,with a sleeping bag and wait it campuses or high schools are available. when the eye(calm ) starts to cover your section,another rain and wind period will follow.

beware of old tall trees on your block. the wind can topple them. do not park your car on a downward slanting driveway at your house. the excess rain will flood these.

log on to your CM'S website for info. CM Halloran has already communicated with his constituents.

Anonymous said...

This is all a complete overreaction. Just like the earthquake.

Archie said...

Anonymous said...
This is all a complete overreaction. Just like the earthquake.

Tell us about it on Monday, meathead!

Anonymous said...

"He's not going anywhere this time"
Although we all wish he would...perhaps permanently?

Anonymous said...

The media have probably kept a steady eye on him ever since Irene was announced, preventing hi from making his usual quiet escape. He must be pissed and shitting himself!