Monday, August 15, 2011

Record rainfall across City

From Eyewitness News:

In Queens, JFK is reporting a record: the most rain it has ever had in a single day.

7.50 inches of rain and counting as of 4:30 p.m.

But the rain is certainly not contained to the airport.

On 147th Avenue and 235th Street, water from a flooded pond at Brookville Park is almost over the bridge.

The flooding is so significant that cars are stalled out and drivers are thinking twice about even getting behind the wheel.

In Middle Village, Queens, there is flooding on Metropolitan Avenue near Cooper Avenue.

The floodwater reached halfway up car tires.

So drivers had to slow down to clear the flooded area.

From NBC:

Investigators are looking into a roof collapse at a Williamsburg business Sunday.

No one was hurt in the incident, which occurred in the overnight hours at the Mr. Dollar store at 169 Graham Ave.

It wasn't clear whether the heavy rain played a role in the roof collapse, though the water was still coming in steadily through the opening of the roof as the day went on.

Merchandise from inside the store were littered across the front of the store, including soda bottles and detergent bottles.


Mayor Mike said...

I only got an inch and a half!!! :-(

Anonymous said...

Mayor Mike-
Not for nuthin' but you are known for exaggeration!!!

Anonymous said...

I no longer live full time in NYC (collect rent from a co-op however) but it seems like anything creates chaos -- rain, snow, heat in summer. People are still paying out of the a**s in taxes & rent to live in the city and all those midwestern transplants who are somehow able to pay $5,000 a month for rent in Manhattan.
I lived in flushing for 11 years in a Rent Stabilized apt. I was probably the only white person under the age of 30 who had a college degree and wasn't living with parents in a rent stabilized apt.

Anonymous said...

And the filth still won't wash away!

Anonymous said...

Keep paving your yards,cutting down your trees and over developing your neighboorhoods and this is what you get.