Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fined, but not her fault

From the NY Post:

After notifying a Queens homeowner that his sidewalk had cracks requiring repair within 45 days, the city finally got around to completing the job -- 14 years later, in 2010!

But in the interim, the house was sold -- and the new owner is up in arms over the $1,122.48 charge for the fix-up.

Now she's fighting the unexpected bill.

"They came, and they marked it off and then repaired it," recalled Linda Ferrone, who moved into 219-36 Stewart Ave., in Hollis Hills, with her husband and three kids three years ago.

She claimed she was unaware the sidewalk had been deemed dangerous, saying, "They never mentioned any bill for it."

Alas, the bill was in the mail, added to her property taxes.

She said she paid the entire tab to avoid interest charges and is now seeking a refund.

State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Queens), who has taken up Ferrone's cause, called on the city to cough up the money.

"It is simply ridiculous to ask the city to perform unannounced and unexpected work and charge the homeowner . . . for it," he declared. "If you get a violation, the city is supposed to give you 45 days notice. But she never got a notice."


Anonymous said...

Isn't it part of the real estate lawyers job to look and see if the property has any violations, easements etc before you buy the house?

Anonymous said...

Classic, this homeowner hires an incompetent lawyer for her closing and now it is the cities problem. And Avella's no better, he takes up this case. Hey Tony, last I looked you are a state senator. Shouldn't' you be dealing with state matters and not civic issues. I must admit you and Mocker make a great couple.

Anonymous said...

It's called a title search, but when you're too cheap to hire your own lawyer, and you let the crooked real estate broker talk you into using "theirs", you're screwing yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - the owner should be after the attorney and Title company...

Anonymous said...

Yeah - the owner should be after the attorney and Title company...

But the attorney said it was a "fine" house!!!