Monday, August 15, 2011

St. Saviour's site sinking!

As you may recall, DOB gave its blessing to contractors to connect plumbing at the St. Saviour's site despite the previously reported multiple stop work orders. The explanation was that this was "to make the site safe". But apparently fixing the practically non-existent sidewalk on the 57th Drive side was not a requirement for making the site safe.

So now we have 1 decent-sized sinkhole and a budding one where they cut the trenches for the sewers. Would DOT or DOB like to handle this one? Or maybe it's time to call on higher authorities since neither of them seems to be doing their job?


Anonymous said...

I guess someone will have to get hurt, or worse, before anything is done to shut down this site.

Anonymous said...

Payola must be good here.

Anonymous said...

Give up or get rid of the incubent parties. Write in votes only!

Anonymous said...

They look like 2
perfect grave plots to me....
just waiting to be filled.

Which two crooked pols
that sold out St. Saviour's should we throw into them?

Do I hear Dennis P. Gallagher
for one of these holes?

Joe said...

The ghosts of all those people (graves) they threw into dumpsters with the tree roots getting them back !!
They are going to have a big problem with this sight.

I know there were graves on that property. I saw small head stones with faint writing on them back in the 70's. We would drink beer and hang out with girlfriends in those woods. That was till a priest came out of one of the houses across the street. He knew we never littered or vandalized but showed us some stones (grave markers) between the grown in trees to stay out of. One stone was actually inside a ball of tree roots.
I'm sure somebody removed all this stuff and made the records "disappear"
Simple wooden caskets back in those days, likely all fragments, moss now but they were still graves.
Nobody wanted to look forensically, all just wanted to dollar $igns.
It should be some kind of a memorial park.
Shame on the underhanded liar scumbag mayor (he just found $$$ millions for some new social program for birth control & parenting skills for illegal aliens)
Worse yet the Mayor thinks its going to work!!

Anonymous said...

glad to see the flooding. Them ore expensive this construction project becomes, the more likely it will be for the developer to give up and leave the site alone!

Anonymous said...

I doubt Bloomberg city will let the developer to give up and leave the site alone.
The developer is likely to get more breaks, sympathy and perks.

Poltergeist said...


We'll get you wherever you try to hide....because we hate crooked pols as much as we hate shady developers!

Anonymous said...

Only 8 coments! Is everybody tired of this story or did you just give up. Do something more, Vote out all incumbents and against the party system. Write in your vote next time, pick someone outside the system who cares. Go vote, but write in.