Sunday, August 21, 2011

Table games coming soon?

From the Queens Chronicle:

When the racino at Aqueduct Race Track in South Ozone Park opens this fall, it will have video lottery terminals for its patrons to play — but table games could eventually be available as well.

Gov. Cuomo said at a news conference in Albany last week he is considering legalizing commercial, non-Indian casinos in New York. Aqueduct’s Resorts World New York City racino is already legal because it has electronic slot machines but not the more lucrative table games.

Cuomo noted that New Yorkers also will gamble in other states, such as New Jersey.

“It’s happening,” he said of gaming coming here.

Cuomo’s support will almost certainly bolster lobbying efforts by Genting — the group that will run the Aqueduct casino — to get state legislators to permit table games at its facility, scheduled to open in October. According to media reports, Genting is spending $1 million a year with lobbyists in Albany on this effort.

The State Senate Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee is considering a proposal for a constitutional amendment to permit table games and has scheduled hearings on the subject for this fall.

Current law only authorizes the Aqueduct casino to have VLTs, and a constitutional amendment would be required for table games.


Anonymous said...

Ozone park homeowners: Sell, Sell. Sell.

Anonymous said...

The only constitutional amendment I want to see is a one term limit. I'm going to get my personal lobbyist to start working on that right now...

Gam Bling said...

Cuomo? In a deck of cards he'd be the joker!!!

Anonymous said...

What? No table dancers? That will bring in lots of money.

Joe said...

You will be able to get all the "private entertainment" you want around the the local streets once this thing opens.
This deal is all mobbed up, you can bet the tables WILL get a foot in the door.

Ever see Atlantic City or Los Vegas at night ? There are packs of hookers and pimps every 100 yards.
DWI related deaths and accidents will skyrocket but who cares since the state still gets its money

georgetheatheist said...

Faites vos joues, mesdames et messieurs. Faites vos joues. (Et n'oubliez-pas! Buckle-up those seatbelts on the busses back to Chinatown. It's gonna be a wild ride!)

Neversleep said...

Yeah Joe, instead of the deal being run by local guys wired into politics, we got a closely-held Malaysian gambling empire.


BTW- at least with a table game you get to interact with other people instead of sitting in your own personal cash-depletion bubble.