Sunday, August 28, 2011

He'll go down with the ship, if necessary

From the NY Times:

On Sunday morning, as New York City was feeling the brunt of what had become Tropical Storm Irene, Billy Drankwater, 57, was leisurely buttering a piece of white bread, in the cozy, dry cabin of his 33-foot wooden boat, docked off the north shore of Queens, in Flushing Bay.

“Some hurricane,” he said. “Not a drop in here.”

Mr. Drankwater lives on this old fishing boat year-round, with barely the cabin space to extend his long, taut arms, or stand erect at his natural 6-foot-2 inch height.

As hurricane warnings grew, over the past few days, Mr. Drankwater ignored friends who urged him to batten down and move out.

“I said, ‘No, I’ll go down with the ship if I have to,’ ” he said.

Well, it looks like we dodged a bullet this time.

Although there were quite a few trees that didn't make it, and if you believe the news reports, there are 32,000+ people in Queens without power.

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Anonymous said...

The number of downed trees in Forest Hills is nothing compared to the amount the tornado took out in September. Maybe one every 15 blocks or so, as compared to one on nearly every street.