Friday, August 26, 2011

She doesn't care what you think

From the NY Times:

Ms. Quinn is no naïf. She used a masterstroke to ascend to speaker. While her rival wooed individual members, she charmed the Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn Democratic bosses, and a bushel of votes fell her way. At her swearing-in, the former Village Voice columnist Tom Robbins noted, bosses sat in the front row. Vito J. Lopez of Brooklyn wore a red sweater vest, lest anyone overlook him.

The fates have smiled on Mr. Lopez’s social-service empire, the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council; this year the Council sent more than $4 million its way.

Ms. Quinn’s predecessor, Gifford Miller, dueled often with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. That didn’t work out too well; Mr. Miller is now in real estate.

Ms. Quinn drew a lesson: Tread carefully around mogul mayors. When Mr. Bloomberg wanted term limits lifted, she tossed aside previous promises and rammed the measure through without a referendum. When he wanted state approval of an unqualified candidate for schools chief, she raised no peep.

Last year, a Council majority favored mandatory sick days for New Yorkers with less than a week of vacation. The mayor opposed it. Ms. Quinn killed it.

Some suggest that she has gotten lost in the game, that she can no longer recall the questions she once asked as an advocate. That sounds too definitive. Her arc is not done.

She affects nonchalance when described as a mayoral puppet: “You can call me Mini-Me. I don’t really care.”

The rub is that voters might care a lot.


Anonymous said...

Please don't forget that Quinn stood by while Bloomberg and his real estate pals commandeered the closing of St. Vincent's Hospital. Yes, Christine was at one or two rally's, but the truth is that she did nothing to keep it open.

georgetheatheist said...

Hey, what's with those Irish cats and their Lesbo kink?

Deb U. Tant said...

Is she wearing a tweed suit? Just sayin'...

Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

The really sad things is that people that have been complaining about bloomberg will run to vote for her.

Anonymous said...

I care that Quimm doesn't think!

Toby Stashitsky said...

If I wanted to be mayor, I could lick Quimm!!!

PS Rumor has it that my son could "fix" elections. I didn't know they could get broken. Then again, when did I ever have to struggle to win re-election?

Anonymous said...

There was a quote on this site a ways back that he sees her as one of his employees! THAT'S My favorite quote about her. She should beware, though. He has a bad record with female employees. He may stab her in the back at the last minute and throw her to the sharks and put that Irishman in--Ray Kelly!O But she's sooo pliable, always nodding behind him on TV.

Anonymous said...

Well, frankly, can you tell me the difference between her attitude and just about every other elected official:

how about overturning term limits. They all went along with crapping all over you and you send them back to office with 80% of the vote.

What kind of message does that send?

Anonymous said...

The really sad things is that people that have been complaining about bloomberg will run to vote for her.

That's NYC 2011 in a nutshell!