Friday, August 19, 2011

Car break-ins rampant all over Queens

From Why Leave Astoria:

Last night twenty two cars were broken into on 20th Avenue between 24th Street and 19th Street, adjacent to Con Edison.

From NBC:

Cleanup crews armed with vacuums went to work in Long Island City Wednesday afternoon, sucking up destruction strewn along Fifth Street and 48th Avenue.

"It's like a sea of glass," remarked one passerby.

The glass was the shattered remains of a car window, just one hit in dozens of similar car vandalisms in the area.

According to residents, the smashing spree first began on Sunday and continued through Tuesday. Some residents estimated as many as 70 cars were targeted.

"They're just smashing window after window; it's ridiculous," said Kwame Blaze who works in the area.

From the Forum West:

Car vandals have begun targeting cars in Middle Village and Maspeth. Local residents said at least three cars had their tires and rims stolen over the weekend. Car related thefts have increased in numerous areas, including Lindenwood and Woodhaven, where similar incidents have been reported. Police caution residents to remove all valuables from vehicles to help prevent thefts. The 104th Precinct also recently reported the arrest of a man police believe is responsible for many of the vehicle break-ins in which electronics are stolen.

From the Times Ledger:

The Glendale Civilian Observation Patrol convened at Saint Pancras Catholic School, at 68-20 Myrtle Ave., and some members mentioned a rash of vehicular vandalism along Butler Avenue.

In one night, vandals broke the windows of 11 cars along the avenue and the next night eight more windows were broken, he said.

Allan Vega, 46, was arrested twice Monday and charged with breaking into vehicles on Grove and later Menahan streets, police said. Vega allegedly had three stolen iPods and three stolen GPS devices along with burglary tools and nearly $60 on him when arrested, police said.

So they got 2 of the perps responsible for Astoria and one in Ridgewood.


Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom said...

Someone is making alot of money is window repair...

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. Mine got busted twice in the same month..
Located in Maspeth

Anonymous said...

This is nonsense. Vandalism is no longer a problem. Everyone knows the city is now safe enough that stores don't need metal roll down gates anymore.

georgetheatheist said...

"Car 54. Where aaarrrre you?"

If THEY can't do it, do it yourself:

"Their purpose was to rein in rampant crime and government corruption. They were among the most successful organizations in the vigilante tradition of the American Old West

Anonymous said...

Same in North Flushing. Busted the drivers' window in my 6 year old Hyundai, rummaged through the trunk...and took nothing! I guess I didn't have anything worth stealing.

"Someone is making alot of money is window repair..."


Anonymous said...

Joey Deluise, who was busted for the Astoria breakins on 20th ave, is a notorious crack head from the Ditmars 31st Street area. He's a swarthy fellow with slicked back hair, you always see him between the Mc Donalds on 31st and the Dunkin Donuts. I'm so not surprised to see him responsible. I wonder who his acolyte "George Tsinzelis" is.

Anonymous said...

RE:"george the a" ,the SFO committee (vigilante) link was very interesting. the n.y.c.a.c.l.u. would have a field day if that was organized in America.

Gen.T.W.Sherman,a former SFO committee member,exposed the fact that the same rowdies,tweeders, and corrupters in the SFO government,soon became members of the vigilantes.

they always find their teat.

Bob Grant nearly accomplished what the SFO vigilantes did in the 1975-85 period in nyc. GET

were you present at the a.c.l.u.protest in mid-town?

i was .we rocked.

bob was an excellent short stop with the w.m.c.a. team.

Anonymous said...

How is this possible?? Acording to king Bloomberg's constat numbers crime is nonexistant in the city.

Anonymous said...

and where are all the police? At the Verizon garages, offices and wireless stores!

Anonymous said...

and where are all the police? At the Verizon garages, offices and wireless stores!
I guess you missed the part about the arrests.

georgetheatheist said...


Vigilantes do exist in America and NYC. They are called the Guardian Angels. I don't see them having any run-ins with the ACLU.

What was that ACLU protest in mid-town wherein you "rocked". I'm not clear on this reference. Thanks.

georgetheatheist said...
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Anonymous said...

Most young cops today never look out the windows of their cars.The driver drives,the passenger is either texting,talking on the phone or the seat is reclined..........

Anonymous said...

yeah the 104 isn't doing enough to prevent this from happening. my car was broken into this weekend I was lucky since I don't keep anything in my car but having to deal with the hassle of broken glass really pissed me off. I hope someone catches this asshole and beats him to death.

Anonymous said...

The 104 precinct is an embarrassment and useless car was broken this past wellend and nothing was taken..I guess do to the fact that we keep nothing in there...I believe whoever was responsible for this was looking to steal my wheels..I have had my car vandalized several times in the past year and I am really sick of it..where are the damn police? I live in a quiet neighborhood so the cops don't feel like they have to do anything here..I am sick of working hard to have nice things only to have dead beat losers try to steal my hello get a real education and job and just maybe you can afford the finer things in life

Anonymous said...

I would like to find the person who broke into my car and ask "What's wrong with my stuff?" They broke the same smalll backseat window for the 2nd time in 4 years and took nothing. The good thing is I was motivated to vacuum finally, and when they fixed the window the first time, they did a shotty job, so now I will go to another place and maybe it wont whistle when I drive now.