Sunday, August 14, 2011

Halfway house destroying hotel business

"I recently had a wonderful stay at D Piper Inn at Rockaway Beach. It's truly my retreat away from Brooklyn!!

I would, however, like to point out how uncomfortable I felt this time. There seemed to be a house full of men that lived next door (154 Beach 114). I couldn't walk by, without one of the guys yelling comments at me, from the porch. If I walked down the alley to the back yard, they would be out their windows yelling, "Hey sweetheart, Psst!! Psst!" In the morning, I wanted to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee on the front patio, but they were hanging off their porch next door, leering at me, so I had to come and sit up on the more protected/private porch area, to feel more comfortable. I chose room A, so I could have the sea air blowing in my window, but I honestly kept my wooden blinds pulled, preventing the wonderful breeze, because they could see in my window, if they wanted to, and I just felt so paranoid from all the attention. Even when I sat on the boardwalk in the evenings, at the end of the street, they would come near me, staring and getting in my personal space--I wondered if one was going to grab the food right out of my hand, because he came so close. (I watched them go down Beach 114th, and so I assumed they were going back to that building, as this didn't happen on any of my other visits to the Inn.)

Also, one night the peace and quiet in my room was interrupted by one of the men on their cell phone, cussing their girlfriend out, yelling profanities like "F... You" and calling her a "F... B..." He must have yelled and cussed at her for a half hour or more. It was disgusting to hear.

I really love staying at the Inn, and I want to go back. But I truly hope that something changes by the time I return. I go there to de-stress, and I find the unwarranted attention very stressful."

- Anonymous

The problem is that the place next door went from being vacant to an illegal halfway house for recently released felons.

Since the City seems to be trying to make Rockaway the next big thing, why are they still dumping dirtbags there?

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Anonymous said...


Rockaway's a lost cause anyway!

Joe said...

What I don't get is why go to a Beach 114st slum for vacation when you have the whole Great South Bay and Long Island available ?

Where could a person possible live if Rockaway 96-116 in 2011 looks like a "Resort" to them ?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this about Rockaway. Rockaway is a gem that became rough at the hand of the city. It built crummy public housing there far from work, schools etc. Then it became everthing else that the city could throw there and the public stopped going there to enjoy the ocean during the summer. Now the story of the halfway house next to a legit hotel? What a bright idea that is, right!

Anonymous said...

Lovely crapitecture, too. EuroFucco and paved over front gardens. a dozen garbage cans along the front wall for all to see and smell.


That paving looks new. I thought it was now against the law to pave over your front lawn like that in NYC? Can anyone tell me the building code # for that law?

Anonymous said...

Lost cause; not a damn thing that can be done about any of this. Unfortunate for the hotel owner, but he gambled and has lost. Cut your losses and relocate ASAP. No sense to throw good money after bad.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the hotel owner if he/she was unaware of what was going on next door. This dooms the possibility of getting repeat business.

Queens Crapper said...

Folks - the hotel was there first. The halfway house just opened up last year.