Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The truth about Roosevelt Avenue

From WNYC:

For decades, prostitution has plagued the neighborhoods of Jackson Heights and Corona in western Queens – with some authorities dubbing the area the new Times Square.

The borough ranks No. 1 in prostitution arrests in the city. Of the 3,229 prostitution-related arrests citywide last year, 1,474 were made in Queens, according to arrest statistics from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

The 115th precinct — which covers Jackson Heights, Corona and East Elmhurst — accounts for the largest portion of those arrests...

The former prostitute said she went on to work in squalid brothels all over the city -- including in Jackson Heights where up to 25 women would work in houses with five rooms.

“Sometimes there weren’t even beds,” she said. “It was a mattress thrown on the floor or a board with something thrown over it and that’s where you’d have to work.”

Trevino says said she finally left the brothel but married a man who would beat her and forced her back into sex work.

A tearful Trevino said she saw girls as young as 12 working at brothels across the city.

Good thing it has that vibrant! diverse! thing going for it.


georgetheatheist said...

Peralta, WNYC. What are you going to do about the blatant - blatant -prostitution ads in the classified section of the Queens Tribune?

Anonymous said...

George, nothing is going to happen.

Queens is a place where knuckling dragging baffoons are taken seriously because they are well connected in the kanstrawshin industry.

They may think they get away with it but all they do is make themseles look like fools in the real world and make Queens a joke among the more refined and educated.

No one gets excited because in the long run they lose. Water always finds its level.


And dont worry about 'Whore Ads' Ackerman.

Life is the great equalizer.