Sunday, August 21, 2011

Elevator expert offers to restore SkyStreak

From the Daily News:

Critics point to the elevators' deterioration as another disappointing turn in the saga of the city-owned pavilion, a formerly grand - and now decaying - symbol of Queens.

But [Pat] Carrajat, who recently founded the nation's first elevator museum in Long Island City, has a unique idea to save the SkyStreaks, as they were dubbed during the fair.

He hopes the city will donate at least one elevator to him so he can restore it and put it on display at his nascent 44th Ave. institution.

The city Parks Department said in a statement that it "would be happy to consider a proposal about showcasing the elevators."

Carrajat figures he can get the restoration done for free. But he said he would not invest the time - or thousands of dollars in transporting the elevators - unless the city would part with one for his permanent display.

Still, he hopes to reach a deal. He said the elevators, which used revolutionary technology that did not require traveling cables, are too important to let rot.

"That was all cutting edge," Carrajat said. "It was literally 'Star Trek.'"


Anonymous said...

I take a long bike ride in Flushing Meadows park at least once a year and can't put into words how it hurts to see the park and it's relics fall into disrepair.

Joe said...

"revolutionary technology that did not require traveling cables"

This is an expert ? What Nonsense !

The external **PODS** used cables and counter weights, you can still see the spool at the top of tower 3 and in the sub basement along with a single motor.
Not only that a multi-conductor cable for the controller and intercom ran inside a troth along with an external copper cable & contact shoe (much like a subway car) to tap high current AC power for the air conditioner, lights and door motor.

I been inside the structure, on the towers and even have photos.
Its actually an amusement system designed by Otis.
I'm sure anybody thats been to the NYS Pavillion on a windy day remembers the cables "oscillating" in the wind. Its was horrible shrilling sound.

Who is this self titled "expert" and why should anybody think he capable of restoring them after getting this TOTALLY all wrong ?


Patrick said...


This "self-styled" has over 50 years working in the elevator business starting as a mechanic's helper and progressing to mechanic and adjuster. I actually know what a traveling cable is, having changed quite a few. Travelers hang under the car not in a trough. The gentleman next to me in the photo is the field engineer who adjusted the elevators and he confirms there were no travelers. I might also add that I have been qualified as an exoert 93 times in both State & Federal Courts, check a person's CV before publishing trash.
All the best