Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mice thrive at LaGuardia Airport

From Fox 5:

Jeffrey Stewart had just flown to New York from Atlanta last Wednesday night at about 9 p.m. He had to wait for a friend to come pick him up so he decided to go down to the airport's food court below the central terminal.

He says he purchased some food and had just sat down to eat when something caught his eye. It was several mice scurrying around the seating area.

Stewart says he noticed at least six to 10 mice running rampant through the tables. He says they were not afraid of the people in the area as they went about their search for food.

Stewart says the mice were pouring in and out of the radiators in nearly 50 year old building.


Anonymous said...

I was standing on 34 Street and 8 Avenue at 12:45 AM waiting for my daughters to arrive on the bus from Boston when I noticed 6 rats come up from the sewer and scurry around looking for food. There was plenty of traffic both vehicular and pedestrian, but that didn't bother these varmints. I guess these rats were afraid of flying and were probably heading for the trains at Penn Station to go home after a great vacation in the big apple.

Anonymous said...

Are the "rats" really loud hairy creatures called New Yorkers?