Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Grinch kills Woodside's Christmas tree

From Sunnyside Post:

An iconic Woodside tree was butchered by vandals recently.

The tree, a green spruce tree that was planted in the fall of 2010 at Sohncke Square, was significant since its role was to be the neighborhood Christmas tree.

The Green Spruce tree was discovered on July 28 or 29th with its branches hacked off. “It looked like it had been cut to the bone,” one local resident said. “Shortly afterward it dried up and died.”

At the beginning of August, the Parks Department planted a tiny replacement, which is a temporary solution. In the fall, a more significant tree is expected to be planted at the square.


Mayor Mike Grinchberg said...

F*ck Yew!!!

Anonymous said...

must have been a drunk day laborer

Homask said...

The tree wasn't killed by branch removal. You can't kill a tree by taking off some of its branches. Mutilate, yes. Kill, no. It was clearly already dying and somebody, maybe one of the volunteer gardeners, removed the limbs because they were ugly.

The tree likely died because it was planted at the wrong time of year: too late in the fall. The roots were damaged by freezing and the tree dried out because roots couldn't take up water.

Evergreen trees like this should be planted in spring. I fear if they plant another one this fall it will die again.