Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The incredible shrinking safety zone

From the NY Post:

Birdbrained federal bigwigs quietly shrunk the safety zone around a high-traffic La Guardia Airport runway to make way for a massive trash facility -- a bird magnet that will put airliners on a crash course with engine-clogging fowl, The Post has learned.

By secretly reducing the zone, officials will allow flocks of garbage-grubbing birds to swarm within a half-mile of the runway -- setting up another possible "Miracle on the Hudson" that may not have such a happy ending.

The zone switch, made possible by the Federal Aviation Administration, was revealed in an explosive court case contesting the 100-foot-tall trash-transfer station set to open in 2013.

The "protection zone" around La Guardia's Runway 31 used to extend 2,500 feet across Flushing Bay, taking in the city's proposed trash-transfer station site in College Point and therefore preventing its construction.

But 800 feet were mysteriously chopped from the zone by FAA execs, allowing the Department of Sanitation's trash station to be built just outside its boundary, documents in the court case before the US 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals show.


Joe said...

That's crazy !

A bad bird vs engine accident seconds after takeoff (200-300 feet off the ground) wont be no Miracle on the Hudson.
Takeoff speed of a fueled and loaded passenger jet will be to fast to ditch in flushing bay or creek.
No time for a pilot to manually wrestle away some modern jets fly by wire computer to manually ditch.
You talking 8 seconds before 1000s dead + a couple square city blocks around Flushing High school incinerated "and or" the Whitestone, Van Wick expressways taken out.

----This is really nuts, talk about screwing up Queens

Anonymous said...

Queens residents are so "gull"ible. Where are the elected oaficials? Lining their collective pockets...of course!!!!! We all need a crash course in crashes!

Ace Reporter said...

Here's a headline that you won't see in those ass kissing Queens weaklies:


Anonymous said...

None of this makes sense; the feds have turned down the city's request. The City wants the garbage transfer station, and the feds have said no....Soooo...I guess this is just another confusing and confused half-assed posted half story on this site.

Queens Crapper said...

You are the one who seems to be confused. The Feds have not turned down the City's request. I suggest you educate yourself on the issues before you attempt to comment on this site.

Queens Crapper said...

Here's more:

"The Post reported Monday that the Federal Aviation Administration shrank a "protection zone" surrounding a La Guardia runway by 800 feet so the city could legally build its 100-foot-tall trash transfer station on the College Point, Queens, waterfront.

The zone switch, made possible by the Federal Aviation Administration, was revealed in an explosive court case contesting the 100-foot-tall trash-transfer station set to open in 2013."

What is confusing about this?

Anonymous said...

You know your blogsite has seriously impacted the political scene in Queens. That troll commenter is trying to mislead the site's readers. Fortunately, you are on the case. Thanks. By the way, your readers are too intelligent to fall for that debunking rhetoric! Keep up the good work. Your take is spot on.

Anonymous said...

See this?


And Captain "Sully" said in the article, "“There will be some trash that will be spilled. It may not be cleaned up right away. Birds are smart and they’ll learn that there’s a source of food there,” Sullenberger said.

Seems like the mayor is the only person who thinks the transfer station is a good iea. Why listen to experts? What will Bloomtard say after the first crash involving birds? After all, he probably doesn't keep his private jet at LGA!!!