Saturday, August 27, 2011

Girl saved from her own stupidity


Anonymous said...

I see the cameraman was in no hurry to run in to help her. I must admit, I'm really not sure that I could blame him. This idiot child should never have been born to this idiot mother and the idiot who knocked her up.

Queens Crapper said...

Just realized I featured 2 idiot mothers on the blog today! Throw in Toby and it'll be a trifecta.

Anonymous said...

You know the type of people who
live in Broad Channel, so no surprise
here. Expect a repeat of this on the
Rockaways tonight.

Joe said...

Listening to that video girl and her mother's IQ combined must be 20.

Surfers are all idiots to stupid to have any real them all drown.
I wouldn't risk my life being pulled under or slammed into a rock breakwater to save a surfer.

Surfboards should be handed out to soccer fans.
BTW where are all the cops ?

Anonymous said...

12? She looks like 15 or 16 and acts like 8 or 9.
Guess the lights don't light up too bright in that family.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but she caught a gnarly wave.

Pipeline said...

Tsu-nami, Snake! Tsunami!

Anonymous said...

"Surfers are all idiots to stupid to have any real them all drown."

Riding out the hurricane in a glass house?

Joe said...

Weird bug with Ipads auto text.
I wrote
"Most surfers are idiots to stupid to a real a have a real job let them all drown"

Its a fact in my opinion, I spent 4 months living on the north side of St.Thomas (Hull Bay)these assholes were coming in from every place in the country to surf and stay in Larry's Hidaway campground. I was run the place for 3 weeks wile Larry went on vacation. These people were the worst to deal with.

Anonymous said...

That 12 year old girl has a low IQ. Who in their right mind takes such a risk? Her interview isn't any better. Her mother is not so smart either.

Anonymous said...

This is why the human race is doomed. Wildebeest, Antelopes, they don't try to save the ones that are dumb enough to hang back and get caught by the lions. But we save the dummies, thwarting mother nature, and they pop out three times the children that intelligent folks have. So we're being over run by morons.

georgetheatheist said...

Joe, "Larry's Hidaway [sic] Campground? Was that like "Fred's Landing" where Ralph and Alice Kramden spend "2 glorious weeks"?

Joe said...

Pretty much George minus the bear skin rug.
It was an interesting experience. The owner Larry was quite a character who hated all his locals, black people and foreigners but got along with me.
I had 11 dollars in my pocket, a hut, grill small TV and a car battery.
"Mommas and the Pappas" stayed and wrote the Album with Creeque Alley in that same hut before being kicked of the Island. (however I did not know it at the time)
The campground and hut is long gone now the place is called "Hull Bay Hideaway"
It like most the Island has been been turned into Disneyland Yuppie shit.

Suzannah B. Troy said...

Mike Bloomberg just got lucky. He get an D+ rating for handling of Hurricane Irene.

Anonymous said...

There are people born with brains...and then there are others!!