Thursday, August 18, 2011

Long wait for Bell Blvd repaving

From Fox 5:

Residents and business owners say they're fed up with the rough road conditions on Bell Boulevard and Northern Boulevard in Bayside, Queens. They say the potholes and unpaved streets that are denting their cars and their livelihood. The road surface looks like craters of the moon.

State Sen. Tony Avella said the Department of Transportation started to fix the streets, stripped them, and never came back to pave.


Anonymous said...

I've had business dealings on Bell since 1998, that street has been repaved at least twice since then.

The problem is that street is frequently dug up for either repairs or modernization, something the piece touched on, and you end up with a patchwork of mended areas which have inherent cracks that allow water infiltration and thus potholes.

This current situation is awful, but Bell is never intact for long.

Anonymous said...

This is from a local resident:

Just for your information: the paving has started. There was a tremendous area that was being paved...bell and parts of northern boulevard. Before one can begin, the other has to be completed. There has been so much rain, which must be a factor in any slow downs. There are always those people who will find fault and have nothing better to do, but complain. The new road is coming along and is very, very smooth.

Anonymous said...

They did the same thing to Yellowstone Blvd. - stripped it weeks ago and never repaved it.

Anonymous said...

Bell Blvd. and Northern has
not been been paved. Take a drive
and see. This is pure incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Give the DOT a break; at least they're paving the roads! We should be grateful that they have even budgeted money for repaving.

I think they wait until other streets are ready to be paved so this way they do the job all at once instead of piecemeal.

Has anyone driven on the Grand Central lately. Take a drive along Union Tpke area where that dangerous narrow turn is; the road here is full of holes!

Anonymous said...

the dot trucks blitzed Bell Blvd @ 35 th avenue @ 8PM on wed. 8/17/11.

there were no signs posted prior to wed.(NO PARKING).
really competent planning?????

motorists had difficulty crossing Bell Blvd. EAST &Westbound.

Bell was backed up with cars to Northern Blvd.

Sadie was probably pondering where the bike lanes would be placed ?

georgetheatheist said...

When are they going to repave Lisa Sliwa?

Anonymous said...

The problem is the second that the road is paved that it is like a call to the contractors to tear the street up. They do a piss poor patch job and by winter its a huge pothole. Thats the real problem. If we stopped ripping up the roads after they are paved they would last longer.

Anonymous said...

Around the same time that the DOT stripped Bell & Northern, they also stripped Archer Avenue in Jamaica - and Archer was repaved in about a week. Usually it's the other way around and Jamaica is the area that's neglected.

Anonymous said...

Every incumbent should be voted out in each election until we find representation that works! Vote against the parties, write in your candidate in the next election. A vote against the party system is a vote against graft and corruption!

Anonymous said...

RE:" every incumbent". nice thought, but you have to know it will never happen in Queens.

the "MONEY LAUNDERERS IN THE NYC DEMOCRAT MACHINE/PUBLIC UNION/ COMPLEX" will never give up their control of the taxpayers revenues.

only when public union contracts are negotiated by those who do not depend on the union's votes,dues, and free election workers, will some common sense prevail.

Anonymous said...

In other words, when the Sun burns out.