Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sadik-Khan admits big mistake

From CBS:

It was a rare mea culpa from the New York City Department of Transportation.

On Tuesday it began jack-hammering traffic islands in Borough Park that, as CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer first reported some 10 months ago, blocked ambulances, fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.

Not that New Yorkers should gloat, but they won.

In a first for the city, construction trucks were actually digging out and getting rid of DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan’s cherished traffic island projects — a dangerous project Kramer reported on last November.


Anonymous said...

her only mistake was trying to bring safer streets to a community "led" by an ignorant and grandstanding fool, Dov Hikind.

Anonymous said...

Mistakes? One down, nine hundred thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine to go.

Anonymous said...


georgetheatheist said...

INRI = Iesus-Nazarenus-Rex-Iudaeorum

DHRIB = Dovus Hikindus-Rex-Iudaeroum-Brooklynesis

Joe said...

Whats suddenly wrong with the streets ? They been fine without these stupid Islands and bike lanes since they were built in the late 1800?

This woman (Khan)only makes things worse.
New York City is not California where the whole dam state and its cities were designed around the automobile.

I was in Whitestone the other day, Utopia pkwy just off the Cross Island pkwy.
1/2 the street was bike-lanes with NOBODY using them. A street of distracting dangerously confusing painted lines, arrows, zebra stripe islands.
You'd think you were on runway at Dallas Forth Worth airport.
This is improvement ?
Khan needs to be sent back to San Fransisco where mindless sh*t in the name of "change" is welcome.

Anonymous said...

This person has been on a honeymoon with the press for years! She's a lunatic and has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on Boomdogles. The mayor should have to reimburse New Yorkers for every idiotic project we've had to fund.

Anonymous said...

"Whats suddenly wrong with the streets ?"
It seems a lot of people die on them each year. Poor and careless driving is a major contributing factor.

Anonymous said...

"A street of distracting dangerously confusing painted lines, arrows, zebra stripe islands."
Distractingly dangerous? It's one traffic lane. If it is that difficult and confusing maybe you should reconsider whether you should be driving or not.

Anonymous said...

Sadie is a flake n.y.c.government failure .

CAN Kahn!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

She's an incompetent fool; she should resign the position since it's obvious that she's not qualified for the position.

Helen said...

Good for Brooklyn's Borough President Markowitz and Assemblyman Hikind for listening to their constituents!

Where's Queens Borough President Helen Marshall in this mess?

Anonymous said...

This b*itch needs to go. A great victory for them, but there's still a lot of damage to be undone. Just take a drive down the South St with the uselessly extended bike paths. Its not a traffic haven down there thanks to her.